I need more explosions | XCOM 2 WotC Modded 2022 | Part 18 - Marbozir

Playing a brand new 2 campaign with Covert Infiltration mod (and many others 170 mods in total), which overhauls the strategy layer and mission mechanics.aying on Legend difficulty (obviously!). This 2 campaign is YouTube only. Enjoyed the video? Leav

BadenBattleBase: Commander, you may want to instruct your men to exercise restraint when using explosives!
gregontwitch: when you left Longstrider, that was a monkaS moment
Cristiano Carvalho: Hype
EmodChannelClassics: boom
DN Nivas: Wooohooo ep 18
Dinner-fork tongue: Quick and easy, this one. Let's ride this easy wave before the more advanced ADVENT units and pods start popping up.
Walter Verlaan: Nice! Flawless=7! VERY nice!
Izznogood76: Who is this Justin Case, Marbz is referring to all the time?
Obsidian Dwarf: Hi. PLEASE! Can somebody tell me which mod puts XP/NEEDED XP on the tactical screen and, which mod does the 'preview enemy movement range' thing?
Mak: 12:51 - I don't mind the chosen summoning loot for xcom lol
stars n muffins: we're not yet at 'giving vahlen conniptions' levels of boom, but we're getting there :D
komandor Tarkin: No restraint! No surrender! :)
stars n muffins: also. hmmmmm, the only thing i can think of regarding the shard gauntlets is that they're maybe benefiting from the +1 damage breakthrough for conventional weapons. i don't know how the breakthrough bonus works internally exactly, but if it's boosting all tier 1 weapons, that could explain it.
Illusive man: Another great series and I only wish you would do two episodes a day! Keep up the good work!
Eigur Al Ebban: What we also need are support comments for Marbs
OrionTheta1: Marb's you really need to get a "Lost" lure. They are absolutely the best for any Lost Mission. :)
Tyler Poppy: A smooth mission as always. Well done!
Alexandre Charest: Marbs: Soo let return to HQ!
FireHawk : What about longstrider
Longstrider: GUY WAIT FOR ME!!!
Smugs: I feel like you're maybe overcommitting here, but also super impressed with how you're managing that overcommitment! My experience of CI is a lot more deciding what missions I can't do, and having to make the choice to let missions go and then accept the dark event. Trying to do everything is almost impossible, IMO.
CruzaComplex: Maybe the templar gauntlets are benefiting from the +1 conventional damage research?
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