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During smelting event called \"Dymarki swietokrzyskie\" in Poland I had a greateasure to work with the best iron smelters from Poland and Denmark. This is a very short footage and I amanning to make a longer movie \"from iron ore to knife\" in the future
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Pyro Falcon: So, metaforically speaking, the molten iron is like the forge's menstruation?.....a burning discharge?
Isaak Penunuri: Any one else think those tits were hot?
Conrad west: I dig the tits
Eagle Eyes: Why did they have to film under someone's crotch? Like I wanted to see between someone's crotch.
CareFreeWherever: whoa I didn't realise the whole process only took a couple minutes. I'm going to try this after tea. fantastic
Rashid Makhmud: What kind of ore was used? Where was it mined from? Much appreciated for great video content.
OgDenTheFail: Y'know guys, they might just be eyes.
George Ioannou: 2 types of people
1) why does the forge have tits
2) why dont all forges have tits
Mount Lel 123: Why dose the furnace have boobs?
Gerald Lamp: That furnace has a cracking pair of tits!
Guilherme Martins: Nice tits! kkkkkkkkkkk
Michael Foye: I've never seen tits on a forge before. Is there some pagan significance to this? Or is it just humor?
I'll grant she's hot, but she's not the perfect woman.
DrNo Nofunclub: Did you ever make the 'from iron ore to knife' video?
??????? ??????: классно ногу в воду засунул лапоть...
Snorri Ö.K.: Trollsky, the ratio between an anvil and a hammer is about 1:40, meaning a 1 kg hammer works best on an anvil that is at least 40 kg and a 2 kg hammer on at least an 80 kg anvil. Any less and you'll start losing a lot of the force otherwise usable to move the soft steel. Keep that in mind the next time you've got a sledgehammer pounding on a tiny anvil that's made for a small hammer at best.
??? ???: سبحان آلله وبحمده
markspc1: Old hippies from the 70s living off welfare good for nothing producing stupid contaminated iron. So many hypocrites in this world !
slipdisc discslip: I like the Egyptian gay porn music.
Évil Bòy ? 101 ?: I cant use this to teach a class since well... You add breast to it.
atom: that things got boobs on it
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