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Eldre: HEY CAWKAV <3
Sensei_kay_: He has been REVIVED!
BNSFGUY7777: Do if people were half their size
Showst Production: GOD IS BACK !!
RobbidyRob: if monsters were petable
Renee Rose: Wow! 150k! I remember when this channel was at the tender size of 10,000. <3
ProfessorBum: ARE YOU BACK FOR GOOD!? :D
Demonic Fire: if u couldn't die
Dylan Wakley: if multiplayer minecraft was more like real life society with jobs and ranks and pay ect.
Fitraxpo: hey! you're not dead :v
#THE DIAMOND 17: This is a cool video keep up the good work dude!!!!!!!!!!!
Naim Teunisse: Yay your back!
Cudel390: This was AWESOME! But short, thx for the new vid!
Nameless: Omg ur back ^-^
Missed ur vids <3
Block Master: You need to add more videos because I've seen them all in just under 2 hours.
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XxJcGamer YT: if you couldn't fight the enderdragon
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