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I\'ve made this video just to show my subscribers, how long it takes for me to make normal reactions mashup using Adobe Premiere. After so many years of making them, i\'ve became quite good at making them, so it might seem very quick for you. But remember
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Healthy Kid: If it take less then an hour there should be one video every day
RageOps: What program is that?
- sandgrains -: Well done, you obviously put a lot of effort and thought into these
david sto: Wie Mr. Spock sagen würde, " Faszinierend."
Jack Ager: Please do the trailer for Stephen King's It next
obesekid69: please make more try not to laughs we dont want mashups
Gail Cleaver: What about a compilation of "Child Murderers" from ASDF Movie 10!
Dimitri the Serb: what program do u use for editing??
woodsettler: What's the song in the middle called?
PureBread: ever think about how he edited a video of himself editing and how trippy that would be
Malik Hardyfly: so this how you make your vids
UNKN0WN SHAD0W: Please do a mashup for Thor ragnarok trailer
CELTIC TIGER PRODUCTIONS: Nice job feel free to use any of my videos whenever needed
Amina A: Almost ridiculous that he has 200k subs for doing mashups. Just doesn't seem right to me.
MicahDoStuff: For me, it takes an average of 3 - 8 hours, depending on how long the length of the video is gonna be and how many people there's going to be. Plus, I remove their sounds when they're not talking, which makes the sounds didn't really have an echo at all but also balance the whole. I also sync sharply as well, but when people pause or there's a bump sound from the video that they're reacting, I gotta re-sync again. So it was a pain in the ass that I gotta focus on editing these people one by one, from start to finish. And the hardest part is, the cropping and their arranging, I don't really have technique like yours by placing them in a place with the lines and stuff (But I got my own). Basically, it takes me an average of 1 - 3 days to make a single mashup. Watching you make this in just about 23 minutes without even seeing you saving the file, I felt a bit of gloomy and enviousness to myself. But I don't really care since I want a good quality effort mashup. But nonetheless, you make good mashups. Unlike Carnatavr T, who effortlessly makes mashups that takes like 10 minutes to do, his mashups are all off-sync and all he cares is the views rolling in (nothing more). Anyways, keep doing what you do best and I'll do mine.
QUAS4R: In Philippines, Adik means a drug addict or something.
Laughed a lot when I saw your channel xD
NarendraTheComic: Dude you deserve a round of applause!! Its seriously tedious and long to make one of these. I tried to make one a while ago, but I only have IMovie so it would've been madness to make it!! Cant wait for your Star Wars Mashup, maybe I could be in it haha!! Keep on killing it!!
yslochoa: what editing software do u use
nachos y etcétera: wow editing, congrats
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