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Wee to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenarypany. Battle Brothers gamay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I\'maying the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss som
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?ukasz Ro?: This fight was amazing: I thought that You're finished, when You backed up at beginning ?
Pallington the Shrike: The first town you passed by has great tools prices.
PVTMTA: When the enemy has a ranged advantage, they will tend to stay at range. You need to move in pretty much every time this happens
???? ?????????: Hey, Marbo)) In battle against archers - don't leave your own archers and people without shields without any cover. Always keep one shielded guy right in front of your unshielded units. It imposes -75% penalty to any shots against that archer and -50% if enemy has bullseye skill (Brigand Marksmen do have it - beware). Its basically like high cover in Xcom. You can't leave your squishy archers without cover. Also shieldwall helps only the guy using it! It doesn't help guys standing behind one that uses it.

One more hint is - enemy AI is how you mentioned it - real damn good!) It considers how many archers you have and your height advantage versus enemy archer quantity and their height advantage. So if you have more archers - they will always charge. If they have more - they'll turtle up and shoot you to oblivion. I think having a few guys with javelins counts them as archers and makes AI charge you - which helps in situations like this one.
EricTred: Marbs I know spears suck against undead but if your front line all get spear mastery they will totally own the undead .In my playthou they wrecked them ,( Now legendarys undead are a different story flails for them after they breach your spear wall) then when you run out of fatigue switch to flails they reach over shields and wreck them, also you need to switch weapons in battle but you do what you want just a suggestion thats all dont want to tell a master gamer how to play ) Later marbs
Eric Neiman: I have to say, I'm impressed. I thought you were screwed w/ all their poachers; they were just gonna pelt you into retreat. You somehow manage to always pull through. I should remember that.

And that fight was more like 6 or 7 against 12 w/ all your injuries; even more impressive. WTG Marbs!
stars n muffins: The AI is one of the better parts of the game, for sure. :') o/
MadMax2910: How do we know the AI is good? Marbs says "sneaky bastard" a lot. ;)
Yan Tse: I think when the brigands engage you, as in them attacking you, they will be very offensive. And when you engage them, they will be extra defensive, that's what I think.
Darcy Reburiano: A nice long video and an "interesting" battle, indeed. Keep 'em coming Marbozir, really enjoying this series!
Whiteout: 7 archers vs 2 and marbs keeps distance
Wjdbs Isbdobd: Marbs On your archers you can click their 2nd ability they have and have them take aimed shots instead of normal ones aimed ones will give you better chances of hitting opponents
Robert Pfuetzenreuter: Marbs get dogs to counter the archers. Release them right at the end of the fight and they hold the archers in place why your melee troops get there. I call them dog bombs. Enjoy!
Donkey Kong Jr.: that more like it 40 min vids of BB love this game i bought it only cuz Marbs showed us. that probably 4th game I've done that with. nice job you should get commission Marbs!
Brikkwall: You better get used to archer vs archer fights. I pick up Anticipation early so I don't even have to consider picking Nimble over Headhunter later on..
Bluesquidify: You know, maybe you're better off charging, killing a couple of thugs....and scattering the poachers. Either way you'll take some hits. Good fight! You're right about the A.I....one mistake and you're screwed!
RiotGearEpsilon: Oh, poor Arne... That elbow injury is career-ending. :(
Monika Kacprzak: you can right click to sell the items.
maruseru: I use Rotation on my two-hand-guys to get them out of trouble. In the line I have a throwing guy with shield in front of my two-hand-guys. Once the throwers are out of ammo or past engagement, I rotate them to the front for massiv damage. On the next turn I get them back out.
Paul Elderson: I think that draining the fatigue of their frontline won you this battle. Very well played.
I think the only thing you could have optimized was putting a shield guy with shield wall diagonally in front of your archers, you can see the enemy AI doing this and it prevented you from finishing off the wounded brigand thug.
I am still very much impressed with the outcome, though.
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