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Wee to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenarypany. Battle Brothers gamay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I\'maying the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss som
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Alex Alban: Never clicked a video faster!
clickaccept: "I think we got this" :) :) :)
stars n muffins: I was waiting for when you'd encounter the larger nachrezers that devour people :p *giggles *
Marc Sward: Yours is the only channel I turn on even if I don't care about the game you are playing. For some strange reason your voice and personality are soothing. Keep it up
conductiv: your soldier got such heavy bleed damage because of repeated cleaver strikes, a cleaver basic attack that deals HP damage inflicts a bleed DoT (5 pionts for 2 turns, the mastery will double the damage per turn, provided the target can bleed of course...this doesn't work on skeletons) that stacks on itself, your guy got hit 3 times and on top of that got a cut artery. so your brother suffered at least 16 pionts of bleed damage per turn from that cleaver, on top of losing a fair chunk of max HP from the injury (cut artery is I think a -30% max HP on top of a 1 point bleed DoT)
Ben C: Thank you for keeping the series going. I enjoy watching Battle Brothers even if I have no room in my schedule to actually play.
mkroliki: You can sell ordinary spears, like you said before you will nwver use it.
timfidotru: I've never even used temples. Healing with the meds is hugely cost effective in the early game.
Ale Blanco: bleeding ticks whe a character does and action
Last Templar: Hey Marb just in case you didnt know, towns that are well supplied offer much better deals, consider trading with them b4 buying anything.
Dekan: why the temple healing? the tooltips say "will heal tomorrow" etc cant you just wait?
Eric Neiman: Marbs, your fatigue is abysmal. You'll never be able to wear the higher quality armor and carry better weaponry and use them effectively.
Brikkwall: @Marbozir you made me buy this game and I feel compelled to give you some advice.
1. You need at least 2 men with high melee skill and with spear mastery. They can use spear wall indefinitely and you need that for controlling orcs.
2. Late game archer vs archer fights are brutal. Load them up with defensive skills and perks or they will die.
3. Hire a bowyer and keep him alive. Buy a piece of quality wood when you see it. I looted mine, but I wouldn't count on that. Big advantage awaits!
4. Get a Wildman recruit if you want a mammoth vanguard soldier.
Edit: 5. Don't judge contracts by skull, judge them by payment. Be careful with "per head" payments as it messes up estimations.
Edit 6. Archer can't shoot in melee, crossbowmen can't reload in melee.
Alek S: I die a little inside every time he puts points into hp. Your hp = your armor.
Pallington the Shrike: put guys in front of no shielders to protect them from archers
Ted Jhan: Maybe upgrade your crossbowman's weapon to deal with high armor enemies
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