Let's Play Painkiller: Hell & Damnation 04 20 2017 P.1 - reZigiuszBackstage

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CooledMite78: Im first? thats a first
Leon Fiebig: Secooond. Notification Squad: Where are you from ?
Kind Of Rossanator: actually on the stream
666 SixSixSix: No hate or discouragement intended but you should play some relevant games, no too many people find games like this entertaining; including me :/
MR Exilon: Best game!!!
Frenkie Fejzic: Will you play Counter strike 1.6? xD
KyronaB: I am JohnnyBoy1987Lel
McKunterson: Not to be rude mate but your channel is pretty much worthless if you didn't make THE BEST "try not to laugh challenges". Pls dont waste your precious time with trying to become a streamer...its not gonna work out.
Do what you excel at! And that is Try not to laugh! Reaction mashups are CHEAPSKATE SHIT. Dont become a cheapskate or you will become irrelevant on YT.
Cheers mate!
Hope to see way more "Try not to laugh"!!
Devran Hasan: can you do coming soon reactions from the pilot episode? :))
Jan Brüggemann: I like the part where he actually starts doing something

jk love your vids buddy
ice king: Wtf is this
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL8S5USSqb4