Battlefield Bonus track In Reference To Battlefield Game Series Main theme cover] - Adrian Pietrzak

Today present you a track inspired by Joel Eriksson\'s, now Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamäki\'s main \"Battlefield\" theme track from the EA Games battlefield series. A unique genre from the Instrumental Core\'s gates. Facebook Page: Associated with Real

Kuba !: I came here only because I have good taste in music.
Not because some guy used it in his video.
VroodegGaming: Can i use it in my video
Wolfy_Westy: I hear that if you play this song whilst on any CoD game, it transforms the game into Battlefield.
Toby Thurlow White: For some reason the top of the I looks like some sort of helmet to me
Agent 256: awwwww yeah
Fraston: spectacular.
chrisadeth: LETS FUCKING GOOOOO!!!!!!
MUSICUPLOADER117: Is this on Google play?
MattyferSVK: This is the perfect song for a Battlefield trailer! This is why i am subscribed to you guys! keep up the good work!
I like things i guess: Some parts sound like halofield
VoTD Slasherz11: I would like this to play at my funeral
Calm Down: Bf5 confirmed
Jason Dupree: I could run so fast and so far listening to this. I could destory a planet with my bare fists listening to this. I could go start into war and just be an all out warrior listening to this.
Pierce Branham: This kinda reminds me of CS:GO + BF4 theme
Steel Metal: 1:14 -1:47
Pierce Branham: BF10 theme
TheWingsofprey: damn didnt know this one exists. i know bout the solomon's but damn.....
MikkoPlayz: /watch?v=6cN2CWLsEE0 - should be the one
Momo M.: This Soundtrack must be in BFBC3
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