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invaderjam: Why wouldnt he consider op or top tier champs ? If u play league your goal is to win to outplay and outskill the enemy and to play champs that are most the most efficent so wheres the problem ? i rather play a op/ top tier champ than bad or balanced champ.
Melyntovsky: Seems like old school build ;p .
Ryan Young: He can play whatever he wants but he complains about anything that isn't op (ie. Shaco's Deceive)
If you don't understand what he's talking about than you started playing LoL way after Shaco was the most game breaking op champ in the game. Deceive used to have a longer range than flash and Shaco could solo Baron with his ult. IWillDominate is complaining about the range on deceive throughout this whole video. There's nothing wrong with it's range, its just no OP like it used to be
invaderjam: He is right shaco is not viable anymore the fact that the decieve is not that far anymore makes his ganks and the fact why shaco is even in league shitty. Shaco counterjungles and distracts the enemy has high early game presence but looses lategame power thats why he needs to get going early game thats why this nerfs just made him bad thats the whole reason he is complaining about it. Just my opinion.
mo gor: his Q feels like shit now.
Dangermuffinz: rework? no way. just old deceive range will be enough. Maybe extend the life duration of boxes when leveling it up
AfuUfa: Doesn't need a rework just needs the nerfs to be undone
Jarno Kalttonen: shaco needs maybe a small buff but not a rework! it would take us away all what shaco was.
nikolex7: nt vaible shaco patch 3.8 is a monster also i tried the inSec build where you start dorans blade and it works amazing you should try it yourself
natc: By my book, most champs can't even jump one wall, so being able to jump one and stealth is already pretty good.

And Shaco is Shaco, you play to be the ass that backstabs people from behind and steals buffs. Viability be damned (not saying he is bad).
AndreAgonia: he still plays it in solo-q dominating with him, it's not the champ itself
AndreAgonia: not saying you're bad, i'm having great/totally bad hard times with him too. You either go big the first 5 minutes or you go home
Bu?ra Ayd?n: yes you have to get 1-2 kills or assists to have pressure untill the late game. in team fights he is totally useless. and if you make 2-3 mistakes in first 5 minutes you will be useless for the whole match. after the nerfs on q, i am not feeling safe. he is not fitting the meta anyways, just like blue ezreal.
Bu?ra Ayd?n: he is not fitting the meta
AndreAgonia: totally agree and also i don't get what's wrong with Riot. They nerfed his boxes earlier on because he did really too much damag(3 hits to an adc with two boxes) but then he was QUITE fine, still a bit underpowered..and what they do? Nerf him again.

Really Riot? Just delet champions you don't like instead
AgileCheetah: Wow, no offence, but the jumps he listed as "impossible to do" are easy to do.
AndreAgonia: I agree but they fucked up him so much that if he doesn't get 1-2 kills early he has to recall every two camps for mana and doesn't do any damage while ganking OR finishes mana because he did a camp before the gank.

Riot totally destroyed an highly skill based champ.
EpicShkun: you must be playing him wrong then. He can have blue the entire game if he wants.
AndreAgonia: I know that but game isn't only about what I want.
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