SATSUTE SATSUMA PICKUP My Summer Car. ► The cheapest games and lots of sales: ✔ ► Subscribe to the second channel: I will record with my voice (Polish). ► MSC FB Group: join now :) ✔ ► Discord: ✔ ► Help in translating into other languages: ✔ ► Instagram: ✔ ► Facebook: ✔ ► Twitter: ✔ My Summer Car is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine. If you like it leave a thumb up and subscribe. If you have an idea for a video series please let me know guys in the comments section. Your feedback is very valuable to me! Mods used in video: GrabAnything Noclip Сlosing pits panel D0%A1losing pits panel.19064/ Handbrake Mod Carry More (backpack alternative) Glowing light switch markers ► Download mod (Satsute): ✔ ► if you like my work, able buy me a coffee :) : ✔ ► All Mods: ✔ ► My Save Game: ✔ ► Q&A ✔ Music by NoCopyrightSounds ( #MySummerCar #Mod #SatsuteSATSUTE SATSUMA PICKUP Summer

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Dagmara... Satsuma + Pickup = Satup ?
E.K. 46... That is beautiful satsuma
Patrix ... Zrobisz nowego save na najnowszą wersję my summer car
Luke th... I love your videos radex
Kasper ... Hehee
luksor ... To jest radex

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Jackson... Radex!!! You should pretend the ragdolls are kids and put them in your house and pretend it's a school house. Then take the bus and take them on a field trip to Teimo's, or you could be a cop again!
Richard... this is soo funny video ever XD Keep it up bro ,)
Maciek ... O sejv z kanału Rador super odcineczek :D
PRO GAM... 3rd
Gamers ... Hello radex
Vixtere... Neat
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