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It has been quite a bit since my last E3 vs Retailparison, but now its a great opportunity to make one. Im a big fan of Acebat series with my beloved AC5 Unsung War in my mind. So I just could not wait for AC7. Lets take a look on directparison of E3 201
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Bloofa: Outdoor: retail is better imo
Pipoon_: In which mission can you take off from a aircraft carrier?
Katsudon96 Gaming: Bloody hell that scared the shit out of me. had headphone on and it started the video immediately with a BOOM. Literally made me jump
Katsudon96 Gaming: the demo looks crap like seriously, blurry bland textures and just aweful compared to the full game on Base PS4.
Grape Flavored Antifreeze: I’d say it gets better tbh
Callsign-YukiMizuki: The demo just had more filters in it I suppose - not a dowgreade. In fact, there is a point where less is more
Guilherme Rabello: Retail is inside the Matrix and demo is outside..
Tap Two: Now compare the F-14 model to DCS F-14 - /watch?v=fID1sE2xfwU&t=556s
CrossOv Gaming: Demo is ultra setting, think again.
Jackal 1: Would prefer if the game didn't have a yellow filter tho..
Count: Looks 10% better on Retail! Suprising.
John J: Only real difference I see is someone smeared shit on the lens for the retail version. Giving it that brownish tint.
Spines: I wish they kept the color of the demo, retail looks like they just put a generic dynamic filter over it. Demo looks alot more natural in the open environment
Fishbed: It just different Brightness and contrast settings which can be fixed
gameplay with no chat: the only diffence i see is one is hdr one is not
GAME ENHANCER: why downgrade = fucking ps4 xbox
C: They put a dirty green filter over it on retail for some reason, just like how BF3 had that fugly blue filter over everything.
The retail looks better in every way except for that green filter.
ant: Why do alot of these newer games look like they've got some sort of vignette going on, looks fucking annoying
?????? ????????: The hangar from E3 more atmospheric than retail.
RedstoneCraft 31: The graphics looks like REAL LIFE if u look closer
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