AdikTheOne is DEMONETIZED | Everything changes... Update on this...

Lets just hope for the brighter future... SECOND CHANNEL: MY TWITCH: JOIN MY DISCORD: My video about the sandwich: Over the years people been asking me about Patreon or how they can make a donation. Keep in mind, im never going to ask people to give me money. But if you REALLY want to support me, first make sure that its YOUR money, and then think again if you really wish to do it. Donation: Patreon: Music from my Outro: Vibe Tracks You Like It SUBSCRIBE! Patreon ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram► Snapchat ► AdikTheOne Stardust ► AdikTheOne YouNow ► AdikTheOne DEMONETIZED Everything changes... Update channel

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Catpant... Not sure if you care, but you've been my favorite since you started. I'm sorry this happened, I hope you still stay active.
Josh Fr... Love your reaction mashups so I will definitely subscribe to your second channel. It will be nice rewatching all of your old ones again.

As for your English, you speak it well. I never had trouble understanding you but there is nothing wrong in perfecting your English.
Anita S... First of all, your English sounds great! Second, I am sorry that your channel got demonetized! That’s really terrible.

However, I’m looking forward to seeing your new videos and learning more about what goes on in your life in Poland. ??

If there is anything I can do to help, feel free to reach out. Even just to practice English ?✌?✨
Bobby F... No matter what you do, I'll still be here watching! Been here since your dont laugh challenges.
david s... You had me at the word “FOOD”
Kanapka Drwala is good viewing but your instagram Photos, ,
February 19, 2018 : “My sushi gets better every time I make it’. Is a video I’d enjoy seeing.
Daniel ... This sucks but what you do after this is what is going to define you. Be strong, you have talent and you got this. We believe in you, rise from the ashes and produce some awesome original content. We aren't going anywhere and will support you. Keep it up man.
Shiawas... YouTube ostatnio schodzi na psy
Killyan... *Raah, fuck.
Mauri Q... RIP
MLGGUY4... This is why I hate YouTube. They disrespect youtubers, and shit on us! And what do we all do, sit there and let them control us. FUCK NO! WE FIGHT BACK! We all have creative minds and we are all human! These greedy assholes don't deserve our respect and our money! ppl need to STOP being pussies and be strong!
Matthew... YouTube is sadly getting annoying. But this is good and bad news! You get to branch out and expand on content. I will be here for it man and I support you bro
Z- POIN... Dont forget to Upload the "try not to laught challengs". That videos are awsome and funny.
Tadzik... I can hear it very well that you are Polish :D
Fritz H... YouTube did an oopsie
Slim Li... Woopsie doo
pietro8... Rippp
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