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Kshaway ciekawostki

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Wood Division Adventures 172 Big Chungus

Send me your League of Legends replays (Bugs, Glitches, Fails, Escapes, LoL funny stuff, rofl files only!) to: Do NOT send me Fortnite ones(please). Twitter: LoL is a game i guess. #LeagueofLegends #LoLDivision Adventures Chungus

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Tanner ... Alot of these are just highly unfortunate events.
Gilgame... any one? what is the song from 0:43 to 1:32?
Ashura ... 4:50 is why Aatrox NEEDS to be nerfed into the ground
Dominic... that galio should uninstall
Nh?t an... 3:12 The Red Nexus have been destroy, yours mission is to hit it 1 and the Red Nexus wil restore.
Lunatic... I'm still wondering what's the name of the soundtrack at 4:44. I really like it.
Time Wa... Игра для даунов !! Ее надо запретить!!!!
Zebylol... THE MUSIC IS LEGENDARY I LOVE IT HAHAHA sorry for the caps
Justin ... T H I C C C
Gamemas... 9:02 Pinky and The Brain theme intensifies
Sathiks... 1:29 LUL
KuramaT... omg I love what people are doing in urf, so troll
iPlatin... 6:45 I need the song
IWantTo... I really want to know if the music is yours or if you take it from some place. Anyway, the music from this videos is incredible. Greetings from Argentina!
Master ... 7:32 ggs
Joshua ... 8:20 "I'm Jarvan. I'm helping"
Lukáš... 9:02 old nunu ❤️
Kacper ... Yo man you are the best! (nice video)
TheNoth... This is what nexus blitz should of looked like.
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