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FIFATV ciekawostki

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FIFA Legend Samuel Eto’o brings message of hope

Samuel Eto’o recently visited a a programme supported by the FIFA Foundation in his home country Cameroon, that supports young refugees. Once a year, the Foundation invites well established not for profit entities to apply for funding to use football to address social issues impacting youths. Today, a list of 93 such organisations across all continents, were confirmed, that will benefit from the Foundation’s support in 2019.Legend Samuel Eto’o brings message

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Djms&ca... Mother fucker nggr kid with a large modern cell phone while white in Europe lives on the streets or barely earn to buy food
tcheck ... His Goal against brasil to the confederations in 2003
wolid h... Good jobs from oromia
Gaza Sp... But him still look young ?
cabrel ... King love you from Ukraine
Codish... I remember when I was a kid and we all knew for Messi and Eto'o! Love you legend! Regards to all football lovers from Croatia ❤
?????... Cool man...
Bosnian... Best FIFA Channel ever!
Slyfram... 2:36 « apporter beaucoup plus de problèmes » Jcrois qu’il était juste en train de lire un texte qu’on lui a donné
LOUIS A... Samuel is the best
Anew-Wi... Absolute Legend from my Fatherland! ??
FhiFhon... Hello friends. I am from Vietnam. subscribe your channel ❤️❤️❤️
cicero ... super like
ali akb... We have it absolutely bad in Pakistan
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