Wait For It. - Adrian Pietrzak

New music on workshop table! Prepare for the next amazing journey! Meanwhile Happy April Fools Day. NOTE: This song was created on purpose to celebrate the first day of April.The original version vary in both length and style. Debut on the next album.

Erdroy: I like it!
Will it be called 104bit album? ;)
Christopher Busby: Doesn't post in forever, just to build hype for the biggest April fools ever. Nice :(
Harbor Wesp: I've waited so long for another song. I freaking love you guys!
ChrisMC: Ah yes. Epic 8 bit. Plz upload moar
Radu Marian: something is suspicious here
Emiliano Flores: Any new music is welcome! Haters gonna hate, but the real ones appreciate!
Daikoi: Ermagawd! I love it, reminds me of the 386 demo days. MOAR!!!
Treemike 1000: April mother fucking fools!
Edson Alencar: Ficou ótimo
Sage of the goats: Huh - I think this style could actually totally work and I reckon fusion of orchestral with dark synthwave could be bad ass as fuck. Maybe that's something to consider?
Mr Krambambuli: ic masterrace
TheSnufking: This is legit good
Swag Waschbär: I mean, I get that it is supposed to be an April Fools type of thing, but it still sounds great.
Brian MJ: Wow 8 bit is back
AndoraX Music: You're such a god, even your joke tracks sound amazing <3 Stalked your music since 2014 <3
Overwatch Support Main: I get final fantasy and wolfenstein vibes from this. I love it!
Edit: I saw the date of posting this: Dramatic orchestra music plays
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi_hOAxq5XU