Dash Cam Fails Asian Compilation || MonthlyFails 2019

Hi all! Enjoy all of these driving fail videos caught on dash cams! Cars drifting, cow spotted in a roundabout and more in this car cam fail compilation. Stay tuned for new epic wins, fails and wtfs coming up next! Cheers! Subscribe ► Share ► Watch next ► Would you like to see your video being featured in MF compilation? Submit a video: Thanks to all who submitted videos! Subscribe to MonthlyFails and be updated with new compilations every Tuesday & Friday! MF on FaceBook: Watch more fail videos: Fails Asian Compilation MonthlyFails

Najlepsze komentarze:

Uber Me... what the hell never seen drivers this bad ....
Dennis ... very worst cut
Petrolh... 3:17 really good braking
Carl Hu... Do these people think they're in action movies?
Triangl... 2:21
lucky af
E-Leazy... 27th
Birk P... Wtf 1:40 ist dead?
Yiotis... Music choice +1
Sho Bud... forklift in the street
Rizki P... 0:24 only C3P0 understand that.
juliuse... the first 3: "imma lay on the horn for 4 seconds or so instead of trying to stop in time!" haha!
funmovi... hopefully the pipe driver is okay
POLARTT... 1:37 what the fuck?!!??! I've never have such thing happening before.
Namenlo... How the driver and the dashcam recognized the idiot so early, but still crashed into the car?
2000jag... 1:18 - there's that awful music again. :(
Meraki ... what's the song name? :o
Swedish... 1:44 Where's the fail?
Garry C... China fails
That's the real title.
Swedish... Why the hell do some cars make that weird beep when they get hit? If you don't notice those kinds of hits then you wont notice the beep ffs.
Emmanue... Love the music halfway
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkZHiGsR4jvWeHunEB3Qaw