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Freshup... They should add flaslight as item to use
Rigober... Lol that moose tho
???? ??... Радекс русский?
Mike Va... 10:22 she likes it rough é
GhostSl... Hayosiko = hajosiko
Ad?mdan... Where are the cabins keys
jeremy ... How did you meet mom? Well, it all started with a head on collision.
Martín... thought it said head job not bob uhh
ksisb... hayosiko toyotasi
Wyatt H... Engine matters more than girl
gerovic... Niech ktoś zrobi mod na kononowicza co daje lublina
SharkDe... kiitos ku autoit, oot hyvä tyyppi. means thanks for helping, you are a good guy.
???? PL... Класс прадолжай в том же духе!
The nor... Try to take her to the island with the boat
EnjoyMy... Where did u got the Truck
joku jo... Cool satsuma
my summ... What new beta code
ElQuint... nothing :
Oskar O... Yu Poland radex ?t yes ad no
Roman H... 6:24 "Saatana"
Matei U... How to get a girlfriend™
Olivier... nagraj nowy ending
Giuchic... The status bar list changed
Andap... I don't have this update
limited... I took the girl home and she slept and left me the same note. Now what?
Ivan Th... Gado d+
Gökhan... ayy ayy ayy vittu satana ?
Razor G... Thats the second girl of my summer car srikka was the first girl of alivieska
Gruha G... W tej grze jakoś jest wytłumaczone fabularnie dlaczego jest się niematerialnym bytem z zdolnościami do pokazywania rąk?
Fabix 2... Nice (sorry for my english) i'm waiting to this girl to clean your house. :)
R0tring... ı dont have this update and ı buy with steam
Markus ... Kann man den yellow guy auch beim shop killen dass man die freindin bekommt
Marcin... w końcu jakaś kobieta w tej grze
kolejo ... A ja se wczoraj satsume bardzo powgniatałem :( straciłem panowanie na zakręcie przy mechaniku a jechałem tylko 50km!!! I teraz jestem zły bo musze zbierać hajs na naprawę a mam tylko 1983 :(((( a napisze ktoś na jakiej str i kture to jest żeby te wgniecenia naprawić jak ktoś napisze to dzięki :D kupiłem tą grę na sylwestra i jeszcze sie nieznam xD
Stinkca... 10:23 ragdoll
Micha? ... link for this update?
Herra H... I dont have this update wtf is going on?
Egy sze... Ringing car
Kamil M... moim zdanie wzruszające!!!
Chodik ... Jaki jest nowy kod do Bety my summer car?
Z-TEAM ... Sebix przeszedł przegląd i jest zarejestrowany? U sebixa? Niemożliwe chyba że sebix postawił mu 3 flaszki to kk
Residen... I think you forgot your tools in the woods...
Adolf H... radex, my battery dont fulling ;(
Electric bills - i pay
battery - new (2)
tupolev... i really still want them to add another truck, but then with a closed back , like the ai truck that is driving around on the ring.
tupolev... yay new update again!
????? ?... Radex я тебя люблю!!!Radex I love you???
Felipe ... My summer car ??? radex ???
Sparkz... petteri's car is finally legal
Ismael ... the keys of the van i think are in the grandma house sorry for my english
chaoser... Is dis the beta ?
edas st... how do you get experimantal version?
OulunJo... 12:46 she writed on the letter: "thank you for helping, you are a good guy" (ps. I am from Finland love your videos :))
AlexBos... This was great, when is the next part coming?
Työukk... i think the girl is in school
Työukk... that is part of the story
Työukk... aaai aiaiai ai vittu saatana
Anti-Co... Can you do sex in this game
Manea R... The van keys are at uncle
Ig Or... Czy tobie działają mody? Bo jak pobiorę experimentala już nie działają.
Andre B... Jesus the ads
JAOSTO... ai vittu saatana
The Cho... What did you do to make mods work?
Momo YT... YouTube znowu z dużo wódki i się spier@@@@@
cristy ... Hi bro
dukyd12... 8:07 Haista Vittu, perkele! :O
Ahmuuz ... What does head Bob mean
Arnolda... i like you videos but how build. wires how prophesy im dont know
Peterbi... she'll be back
Florent... bosul Radex
Hayosik... Jej znalazłem się ?
FINSTRE... So unlucky moment
FazaAka... Do pokoju rodziców musisz zanieść ta dziewczyne ona ci podziekuje
Kiiskin... What van do there
Kiiskin... Are there more things
Sander ... Radex how do you get the keys to the van back? Im not home yet so i cant check xD or is it just a mod?
Jan Há... in my case the van spawns every weekend in front of uncles house
Sidney ... How do you get your uncle to appear for the first time?
MACIEJ ... Jak ten van tam stoi jak u mnie go nie ma
Prezes7... Świetny odcinek
Games s... How to diwnload a My summer car 2019-04-19
Filip T... Congratulations for 60k sub
Pan Sno... Kupiles kierownice?
Adriel ... Now...In This Version You Acidentaly Kill The Guy Of Yellow things changes °-°
SvEnIxP... Hi guys does any one know the code for beta beacuse wreckwreckwreck doesn’t work for me :(
BlanK... what is the update code
József... The girl is stessig
wauhtih... But where is player's parents?
vennu v... Where is she home?
Colonel... i watching my summer car at 33% battery and 3:13 PM
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