Windigo Eco Universal Jak skutecznie dodatek do oleju chroni...

Subskrybuj: Czy naprawdę działa? Badanie dodatku do oleju w temp. 100°C Windigo Eco Universal Windigo Eco Universal jak stosować? Na filmie mamy 20ml oleju + 2ml Windigo Eco Universal Do skrzyń automatycznych stosować 5 10%. #windigo #wagner #Spezialschmierstoffe Wynik samego oleju Ravenol T IV Fluid w 100°C: 0,22 Wynik z dodatkiem do oleju Windigo Eco Universal: 0,01 Wynik jest znacznie lepszy. Windigo Eco Universal zwiększył ochronę oleju o 0,22 0,01 = 0,21! Piotr Tester zestawienie: Brand Windigo is line of products manufactured by WAGNER Spezialschmierstoffe. Company WAGNER is operating in Germany since 1994 and is known for its lubricant products with excellent wear preventive and anti friction characteristics. WAGNER Spezialschmierstoffe is located in Wechingen, Bavaria, Germany and producing oils and special lubricant materials for new cars, for cars with mileage and for retro. The main advantage of our products is addition of unique anti wear compounds. Our products prolong engine life up to 10 times and reduce fuel consumption for your automobile up to 15%. We provide: Best quality engine and transmission oils. Oil additives, fuel additives. Oil selector which will detect suitable item for your automobile according to the model. Efficient product consultation service Well fixed and 24 hours maintained system of product shipments Flexible discounts from retails prices for our dealers Friction testing machine available for dealers to demonstrate product advantages and to increase sales amounts by means of experimental marketing. QUALITY MATTERS and WE ENSURE to maintain and improve functional indexes of your car! Windigo Universal skutecznie dodatek oleju chroni automatyczną skrzynie biegów? 100°C

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