Farewell to Chopin Recitals in Żelazowa Wola 2020 Chopin Institute

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VM6W82yiT0

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Stefan ... Aleeeee niespodzianka :)
elenaja... What a moving moment! Chopin Institute offered us more than music through these magical, magnificent recitals. It made Chopin's spirit even more alive, and Zelazowa Wola's poetry enchanted all of us "chat" friends who belong to Chopin's beautiful international family. It was a very magical time. And we will see each other again next year, for sure, with great pleasure. Thank you !????????
Yoko Sa... Chopin institute, thank you very much for these wonderful time we spent all together. Everyone who loves Chopin, it was great time for me to see you every weekend here. Dear frogs, I will miss you.

See you soon. Thank you ??
Emmy Gr... I can not thank you enough for the wonderful experience of sharing your concerts from Poland!
It was the best thing that happened to me in this terrible time: to look forward every week to the concert times,and stopping every thing to watch and listen to Chopin's music!!
My favourite composer of piano music..!
Emmerentia ,all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.
Smikkel... And now I'm sad :(
???... My favorite mazurka op17 no4 thank you so much~ I'm happy
vincent... I will miss this series very much I love Chopin his music is food to the soul I hope a new series will be later .
???... I'm sure everyone will be careful with the covid,and we'll see each other again, I will remember the time I chatted with guys forever.
Aspi S... Thanks you brightened our lives. God bless the musicians and all involved with this project.
Frédé... Time flies. I miss these concerts and wonderful frogs. I will never forget them. These concerts leave me so many good memories. Thank you !
Anastas... Thank you so much for all these amazing recitals!!! ???
I will miss them so much!
???... I love chopin instuitue forever end ever.
Mike Fi... I have enjoyed this series and will miss it. Will the recitals be continued later?
Luiza C... ??
???... Thank you so much chopin instuitue
Simply ... bye frogs :(
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