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England and Brazilayed out a memorable quarter final encounter at the 2002 FIFA World Cup Japan/Korea. Michael Owen gave the Three Lions the lead before goals either side of the break from Rivaldo and Ronaldinho secured victory for the Selecao. The quest
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faz Patel: 0:52 Beckham world class ??? he feeling ok .. ? World class hair style yeh and free kicks wer decent lol but no way he was world class
Noah 101: Who just came here for brazil
Rémi BAZIN: Brazil in blue ♥️
Blue Navy: When I was kid..I'm really mad to this guy for this goal..year after year..my cursed become salute to Ronaldinho..
Antônio Davi Brito: Upload the full game...
Inter Prise: Everyone: wHaT A goAL fRom RonaLDinHo.

Me: What a mistake from the goalkeeper??‍♂️??‍♂️. Most overrated goal ever.
Zaylas Pelt: I love both teams, because Soccer is amazing, but Brazil is legendary. If I may say in Portuguese: Eu amo o Brasil!!!!
Frhn: Why are u upload it just rn?
eclecticontent: Imagine playing against young ronaldinho and rivaldo
JAMES JOHN: David Beckham is the most overrated English player. Yea was mediocre at his best.
Paarthurnax: Dinho's smile is gold.
Ripou Officiel: S'abonner à votre compte et merci
giles852002: Me & my brother both agreed that who ever won this match would go on to win the World Cup.
TG LUQMAN HAKIM: the legend of footballers , THIS IS BRASIL ??
jose hurtado: Unbelievable that Ronaldinho wasn't given the man of the match in this game
Jesús Córdova: Very wonderful and best match of Brazil in his history , in the World .
bachir Sylla: Dinho best player
Carlos Carvalho: England slept with a smile from Ronaldinho haha
Paul: Thumbnail;

Scholes - No.8

Ronaldinho - No.11

Conclusion: Ronaldinho was three times better than Scholes.
Ferris Chosa: Brazil probably the only country in the world that can have an E team and still be great
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