TURBO URGOT! Crazy 0 Cooldown Passive Bug! Vandiril

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P24hrG25_uY

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yeah... That riven is such a legend tho.
UwUbash... its back??
Tyler Y... As an Urgod main i approve this message
Jonatha... hey vandril, just found a bug where your passive as karthus on Nexus blitz does not work.
i would like if you checked it out. (i think it requires urf 5v5 to activate)
Efe Ker... Turgot
Mike Ca... ok but the riven play was slick
VirusWa... How is this produced? Explanation?
Moon Dr... The Urgot she tell you to not worry about
Mr. Cho... 200 years
Parido ... Dis is real SHOTGUN KNEEL!
Bruh... Nobody:
Urgot:We live in a society
Silver ... Looks like normal urgot to me
Ehsign... funny thing is, it's just a little more broken than Urgot himself because he would just walk around you and so the same thing anyway, just harder.
Reece8u... tune down the damage a bit and it just becomes a respectable champion, I like this change
bebi... the riven tho ?
???? ??... honor riven plz 1:02
BuzzedB... Finally, the buff Urgot deserves.
A Youtu... Do the Soraka, with unlimited healing: Granted it is not a bug.
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