Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs PC RTX 3080 4K Graphics Comparison Cycu1

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rodrigo... Ps5 = ps4 pro
Martos ... I love Series X
H apell... Was it rtx dlss enabled ? Or native ? Quality mode or auto ? ?
Johann ... Looks like you’re comparing XSX quality mode 30fps vs PS5 60fps. I’m more interested in both at 60fps to see which is sharper and smoother.
John Vi... The Series X version looks phenomenal. I'll still wait for the ultimate Next-Gen version.
Javier ... Yo only are comparing 60fps ps4 pro vs one x extra resolution vs 3080
?????? ... It looks very fine on the new consoles without the update, Im shocked actually as a pc player xd
ramapar... PS5 is actually pretty Good at FPS
Daniel ... 3080 best Full Ray tracyng best fps
Realist... I like them all
TazerTa... Man consoles just trash please throw away those shit machines
Danilo ... How come other games received free next gen upgrade at launch not some months later and cdpr still gets a lot of credit
Keno Ro... Cyberpunk doesn't have a next-gen versions yet, those are PS4 Pro/One X version running in backwards compatibility.
TARIQ .... Xbox series x strong and Monster ??
Dr. Ven... Can somebody tell me what is the big hurrah with this game?
Esteban... wow PS5 looks shit
Saeed P... Contrast is amazing on ps5 but The winner of resolution is pc
warrior... Why there's not much traffic on ps5 ?
Ms7b... Can you do the same test with rt disabled?
damanam... Have been playing on an RTX 3090. Am surprised at how good the console versions look, particularly given the official PS5/XSX versions aren't out yet.