The Best FIFA Football Awards™ 2020 | Full Show FIFATV

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gerardo... Muller was right, Robert LEWANGOALSKI is the best player of the world in 2020
shafree... The coach who brought his team winning a treble didn't win the best coach, but the player win best player award. And the keeper who won the best keeper doesn't get into best FIFPro eleven. ?
Its just FIFA thing.
Pratham... Manuel Nuer looks more Sheldon Cooper
SqubanY... Lewy the best:)
All In ... Only PENALDO is seen scoring Penalties on the promo of FIFA MEN'S PLAYER AWARD ???
Timo... The top 11 is the biggest joke!
FIFATV... 29:45: Show starts

41:15: The Best FIFA Women’s Goalkeeper Award

46:55: The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper Award

51:50: The FIFA Puskas Award

59:43: The Best FIFA Women’s Coach Award

1:05:22: The Best FIFA Men’s Coach Award

1:13:40: The FIFA Fair Play Award

1:17:55: The FIFA Fan Award

1:22:45: Christine Sinclair

1:26:51: FIFA FIFPRO Women’s World11

1:31:58: FIFA FIFPRO Men’s World11

1:38:10: Diego Maradona Tribute

1:50:35: Paolo Rossi Tribute

1:56:15: The Best FIFA Women’s Player Award

2:04:38: The Best FIFA Men’s Player Award

2:11:10: Outro
FranzHu... Fifa logic:

Neuer is the best keeper but not in the top 11. Instead Allison, who honestly shouldn't even be in the top 3...
KOLEC L... Brawo Lewandowski best king
Martino... Klopp win the best coach? Should is Hansi Filck?
joy bal... Neymar and Serge Gnabry deserve to be here more than Messi and CR7
Mnofi [... Lewandowski deserves the award
soccer ... Oh nice
Akhiles... Being football fan
Lewandowski deserve ballon d'or
He has been absolutely ?phenomenal
Sebasti... Let's just congratulate everyone for the awards they got . ?
Awesome... Why should individual awards even be presented in a team sport?
Mbenga ... The best goalkeeper is not in the best eleven? how is that possible?
???????... He is Korean ??????
Mbenga ... Lewandowski deserved it
King me... Klopp deserved it but I think flick has the edge here