DriveClub PS5 Audi TT RS Coupe plus | Thrustmaster T300RS Gameplay MotoGamesTV

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FalconG... Still one of the best looking cars
Jonatha... Ffb went home
Paul... I really don't get the love for this game. I mean the graphics are outstanding, but it's below average in every other department.
Place H... The game was delayed so much, but at least it delivered on its promise before Sony killed it off.
DerKomm... 0:27 i really think you don‘t need to cut the load time with the PS5 SSD ?
Ben Lec... Cool video bro!
Sam Fis... Nice nice
???????... Does it run at 60 fps now ?
jposik... What a shame turn down this promising new IP
Noob_Dr... 3rd person please
michals... Maybe comparsion driveclub on ps4 vs driveclub on ps5