LEGO Technic 42123: McLaren Senna GTR: In depth Review, Speed Build & Parts List Sariel's Bricks & Pets

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notime4... Good looking Racers Set!
Balint ... Will you review the new buwizz? Maybe a motorized version could be possible with it?
Samothy... Lego, we need more cars at this scale!
Robert ... It would be nice if they did another LMP
petrsla... Steering knob on roof is a great solution imo. In consideration this model mostly as a toy for kids, Im very glad there is a car, with you can play easily.. For kid it is no problem at all, that the knob is visible there.. So glad for kids, that these nice playable cars in small scale with no motors are still here :-). I can see myself as a 10year old boy spending long hours imagining Im a car racer by driving this lego along whole house :-). Great set
For_tho... My question is whether or not it can fit on 42098.
Warszta... It is my favourite set of this part of year.
Albert ... A cute toy but poor in mechanical functions. I don't like it.
Chris E... From this new run of sets I’m getting sticker anxiety.
Phli Mc... This is the first time sariel has liked a set
chleba... I'm a little disappointed I thought you show us if it would fit on a set 42098 like 42093 do :/ Besides that awesome video :)
norbert... Fun fact: dogs like squeaky toys because it reminds them of a small animal getting killed
Jiankan... From the back, it does look like a senna GTR, but not quite there from the front. And I still think stickers might have done most of the job for this set.
Sbin bo... is the new 2021 Lego lineup has been released worldwide ?
xMXUx... Remember when Technic sets used to have actual functions? HOG steering that's not even connected to the steering wheels, opening doors and an engione that's only connected to one wheel and not even a differential?! Not gonna comment on the stickers as the set does at least include a few prints. But still, this is just getting ridiculous. This isn't Technic, it's Racers. Technic is dead I guess
Vincenz... Your second highest rating behind the Mustang, correct?
Team Ba... probably replacing 42093?
TimeHun... That poor piece of ginger being compared to a ginger...
Soleil ... Like a mini version of the bugatti or lambo, (I know not same car) but the detail and good looks
S Off... Sariel 18:19 did your hamster just shat on the car?