Need for Speed Carbon PS3 Launch Title Frame Rate Test - Cycu1

Let\'s start off our little Frame Rate Tests series of PS3 Launch Titles with closer look into Need for Speed Carbon . To measure the Frame Rate I used TRDrop software with following Setup AverMedia Live Gamer 4k (internal grabber) OBS (Lossless codec)
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doesnt matter: thank you man :)
Brad Friars: Was someone influenced by Raycevicks latest video?
TigerChamp 99: Thank you for making THIIIISSSSS video.
TigerChamp 99: And people complain about a slight fps dip nowadays. This fps fluctuation is really bad considering its a racing game.
Brian_ Zombies: Could you make one with need for speed hot pursuit? Please
Matthew Miskiewicz: more ps3 framerate tests!
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