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Power | Marvel Studios&039; The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney Marvel Entertainment

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd7R9B4naVY

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hello t... Imagine if bucky dies in this series??
its Mar... We don’t want whoever that ‘hero’ was?
I am in... Everyone-''Episode 1 was Amazing''
Me without Disney+
-''Yep,it was great i liked the part when Falcon said ''______________''and they began fighting''
Hirak J... ????
itzvinc... So when the Winter Soldier killed Yori's son, did it happened between the events in The Avengers 2012 to Iron Man 3 or Thor 2: The Dark World?
MR. PRO... Please bring captain amarica back
Vanesa ... ????
zivosau... no one bucky starter pack:cool hair knife that badass jacket or hero uniform metal arm and a hydra or cap by his side
Mira Te... Just 6 episodes. ??
Yash Ka... The fact that 6 eps of winter soldier are longer longer 9 eps of wandavision
MrKwebs... I hope there will be not a new cpt.Americq
GirlAlm... "Evacuate the city, engage all defences-"
points to Bucky
"-and get this man a plan"
Jason ... In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee
Unicorn... Okay, so I hv a question.....
The big three is androids, aliens and wizards....
Androids: Ultron
Who the Avengers fought
Aliens: Thanos and his army, chitauri...
They fought them as well
Wizards: doctor strange and the other Sorcerers
AND literally Sarah (Sam's sister) mentioned: "When u were out there fighting "Doctor space Cape*..........
Doctor as in doctor strange and space Cape as in his cloak of levitation
N there is literally a name drop.....
So I think we can say that Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness has already happened...
This is more of a theory than a question but ya lemme know what y'all think
R V Ani... I commented as the 299th comment, see how many there are now ?
Ça?lar... Best action
JustABi... This show really should be called Captain America and the White Wolf
Keepers... You guys literally ruined Falcon for me. Bucky was good though.

Literally Falcon was one of my favorites, but nowwww he's racist? And annoying?... what?
Priyans... Sam: We need new heroes.

Us: And we need you to be Cap. It belongs to you.
Hengkyt... Im watching it now so now bye people im watching it over and over i hope i get a heart❤️