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Symbol | Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney Marvel Entertainment

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R22tKYx8TzY

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CAPITAL... There's one imposter among them
Buggy... Let me guess "the final trailer".
Twisha ... I think Sharon is gonna be the female lead
Ira For... Amazing show can't wait for the next episode.
Reyhan... Bucky: "Couldn't have done that earlier?"

Sam: "l hate you..."
R... Can we get a Scarlet Witch movie
Bianca ... O tanto que essa série tá maravilhosa, manda mais Marveeeel
koolerp... love the marvel no spoilers psa's while the tv spots gives away more than the leakers
Nikki B... SO TRUE <3 <3 <3
Lucia Q... Nada nuevo. Vuelvo a dormir :v
sam edi... LOOK AT THEM BOYS
Dinesh ... Honestly, before the release of WandaVision, I thought WandaVision will be a better series when compared to Falcon and WS, but the starting 2 episode proved me wrong.
Don't judge me wrong, I loved each character from WV, but the kind of action Marvel is famous for was totally missing from WV and it didn't came even till 9th and final episode.

But F&WS starting 2 episode were excellent, I wasn't a big fan of both these characters, but the way Marvel build this 2 characters, I am now very much connected to Falcon and his decision not to take the shield directly, I guess deep down, still he need to earn it, he is a Falcon no doubt, but to be a next Cap, he will surely prove himself.

whereas the new US agent roaming around with gun is concerned, give him a break, hope he gets his a** kicked few more times in upcoming episodes :P

10 stars out of 10 to Falcon and Winter soldier
7 to WV.
Suman D... ❤❤❤awesome❤❤❤???
Nicholo... I'm in the minority but I don't want the falcon to take up the captain America title. The falcon is his identity and persona, the wings on his back are his shield. With someone like Wally west he was kid flash but had to take up the flash mantle because Barry died. With Steve, he gave the shield to Sam and offered the cap but in the end its up to Sam if he wants to keep the falcon or change to captain America. Personally I'd keep the falcon cause he can fly...and falcon just sounds Badass
Minidem... is it me or did i acc feel sympathy for new cap
Lucas E... Bucky, I Love You.
Generat... Sam: We can't just jump him for the shield.
Bucky: Can't I?
(The Falcon and Winter Soldier Theme Plays)
Jonatho... So we’re all just gonna ignore the badass tv spot music playing in the background?
Aniket ... I have watched it. Waiting for more episodes. Please release it fast.
Martin ... Kinda sucks