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Don&039;t Mind Me, I&039;m Just Visiting New Frontier Pass Update Civ 6 Portugal Ep.9 Marbozir

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIhky_gkNig

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C Moy... I think your loyalty will be okay if you take Bradford - you might actually be able to get your navy to London. New Orleans is a pretty useless city - not sure why razing wasn't an option when you took it
Neville... I'd leave those crappy 1 pop cities to flip on their own - they're adding nothing to your empire apart increasing the amount of amenities you need. If you raze them you'll get a ton of grievances, just leave them to flip to Teddy.
Helpful... what mod is doing the math and showing the policy card benefits before selecting them?
Milambe... I hereby Denounce the English er ... or the YouTube algorithm
Douglas... Comment to turn the screw on the youtube algorithm.
Unb UnB... denounce for the algorithm god!
chris c... wow ...1st :) ....keep up the good work Marbz :)