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xQc experiences League Client Vandiril

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y08LI5KN_Q

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Jóhann... "The updated client is built from the ground up, which lets us more effectively develop, ship, and support new features."
Kevin S... THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL EDIT! 10^10 out of 10
AA 2... At least we have tons of skins every single patch :)
Rajsli ... No worries fellas
The lux skins can and will make up for these
super s... The weirdest bug I got from the client was on the summary screen. My toxic team mate has his name highlighted with yellow as if it was my name and I wasn't able to report him since you can't report yourself. But my name was in white and I had the option to report my self. That was frustrating.
Blazing... The WORST client? Please.

I've legit barely had any issues with it.
Prototy... Its ok, riot games is an indie conpany guys, give them some slack

They made a fun free game for us all!! = )
Salem B... I got leaverbuster because the game keeps getting stuck at loading screen , so when i waited for 20 min for match i got stuck at champion select and i closed the client to restart it AND THEN I GET STUPID NOTIFICATION THAT SAYS "SORRY GAMES WILL GET DELAYED BEFORE START" AND TURNS OUT IT CONSIDERED AS "DODGE" SO I WASTED 20MIN FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
Defiled... Rito pls
Damiel ... It fucking happens to me for example in one for all after banning the champions are messed up and when i pick it chooses other
Master ... I love these. This brings me such joy
MaestrO... Bitcoin miner client

Xqc 2021
Khada J... I wonder if Riot will do something with it
Stick... Even Rito hates our goblin Juicers
koku x... Why are people saying, that the old launcher was better? It was as bad as the new one. I probably ran across more bugs in the old one than on the new one.

Well, I still miss the 2 hour login-queues nearly every to every other day -_-
Lexifoc... Omg one hundred Tristana skins confidered
Joshua ... Came and disliked just cause it had xQc in it. I’m out.
Wasted ... Just down the servers for a week. And give us a new client. Not a reskinned one
Chris T... I saw the long reconnect the other day its AMAZING