Biggest Champions League of Legends has EVER seen! Vandiril

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Garrett... wow you hacked the game... only professor akali is allowed to do that.
Lars He... But how did that happen?
Luxor 2... you lied the biggest champ i ever seen was mordekaiser ulting the dummy xD
Karol P... 1:24 why shyvana have cho'gat ult Stacks?
Ivan Kr... You know how when an enemy is bigger they're easier to hit? Well seems like that was a bunch of bullshit
Ricjohn... Syla's Dragon was peeing fire
Mark Re... League of Titans. hahaha
CASPER ... League of Anime
Valashn... Mecha kingdom jax would make a lot of sense this big. Same with other behemoths from the league lore and league skin lore. Maybe like Mecha Sion or Giant Enemy Crabgot.
Poseido... 2:10 upchuck anyone?
Siddhar... Riot: Tanks are not broken
Also tanks:
Fenek... 2:20 Stand User: Tahm Kench
Stand: Dr.Mundo
???????... my sad assumption is that the whole professor akali shit means that vandiril is now being forced to grind out PBE 5v5 practice tool videos 24/7 fearing that Riot is going to take it down soon....
Shosei... Tahm Kench sure can swallow
Da Niel... baby zac
Cameron... This feels like the 4th world in super Mario Bros 3 where everything is bigger
HolyLio... But how did you do that?
Annabel... 1:34 I see the new Riot MMO is coming along well
Just So... Tiny tibbers
Lloyd A... This needs to be a new game mode.