FREE UK Drill Type Beat |UK Drill Instrumental 2021 "Warzone" VINTAGEMAN PRODUKCJA

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Mie Bea... this hits harder than my dads belt
One Sta... Hey random person scrolling down through the comments, Have a nice day ❤
Ja-Mali... I’m going straight to the top yo! ☝️
Cozybil... ????????
Powderb... The synths sounds really dope in this fire??
Bevdku ... Usssh como debe de ..., Siempre el mejor??
Gustavo... I,m from Uk
But tonight i'm arriving L.A
Maybe even get bitches from M.I.A
Call me pussy hunter
Bitches bow down and pray
Don't front or act stupid
You in a Caddilac
I'm in a Benzo
You goofy
The Drip is real
I fucked anitta
Yeah thar girl from Rio
I live in Brazil
Where guns pop off
So i'm like big Ready to Die
But I prefer To Kill
Warzone Where I kill some
MTX PRO... ostro ziomal
Kenneth... Geng geng geng??
SEPI MU... Ufff sztoss fest ??
Ezekiel... First?