*I currently use Canon 80D for photography and some YT vids! OPEN FOR MORE: find me on: my lingerie: This video was not sponsored. EQUIPMENT: *BLACKMAGIC PRODUCTION CAMERA *BLACKMAGIC POCKET CAMERA *CANON 5D MK II *CANON LENSES: 50MM 1.2, 85MM 1
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cyborg 101: wat ur snapchat or ig ur sooo beauitful
Daniel Socin: I have blackmagic Production 4K camera but the canon 85mm 1.2 is L not working, how did you managed to connect the lens?
Magdalena Paczocha: Have you ever considered getting your hands on Panasonic Lumix GH4? It's C4K camera and takes 4K photos. I use it for filming mainly and the footage always looks amazing!
RED WARRIOR: you're so beautiful. came here from search bar
karissam96: Hi, new subscriber here! This was very helpful, I really admire your "Living with Depression" video. I felt like the video speaks to me. Also, what camera did you use to film that? It is so visually appealing!
Inez Marie: thank you. i have literally no money to afford any of this but i think now because of you i know what i want to do after college, love you lots x
Aydan Jane: I am officially obsessed with your videos
Nostalgic Cinema: What filter do you use for your films ? Or how exactly do you edit your films to look like that?
Victor Gradinaru: Kat, your videos are amazing. The equipment you use is awesome, but the prices are, unfortunately, too high for my budget. I'm glad to finally figure out, however, what equipment provides this amazing technical video quality. Thanks for posting this!
Prescilla RG: You're cinematography and the edit is amazing. Do you use LUT when you color grade?
Rebecca Smith: Have you any advice for lightning ?
Stardust Mine Jewellery: I'm not entirely sure if this question has been asked before and answerd but I would love to hear your thoughts/tips on colour grading and filters... Absolutely love the colour "atmosphere" of your videos :) Thank you!
Courtney Jackson: Czy istnieją jakieś inne komputery Ci polecam, że znajdują się pod 500 dolarów?
ivan bernardo: I can't afford any of these
Hodaya Lavi: thanks so mutch for your advice and the inspiration,
i wanted to ask, did you buy your shipment online, or in Stors in your area
Google User: I dont know what lenses to use
Alexies Jean Ballesteros: watching this just because i love the way she talks
My duniya carryminati: Carry minati only uses web camera and he's more famous ?
My duniya carryminati: I don't have money to buy camera ?
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