Yone is pretty broken now... Vandiril

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW9olECsZxU

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krow fl... 0:53 looks like a demonic summoning ritual
Blitzy... My big brother can't possibly be this buggy
Chad Th... say goodbye to my graphic card in this potato laptop 1:21
lordofm... Stop Vandiril. Stop.
rj basa... Naruto.exe has stopped working*
Lakatos... You mean yone on enemy team
Archon ... damn league is so broken I can't even watch the fucking video.
RuB... Consequences of hunting too much azakana
Shimika... 1:00 ngl, it’s extremely uncomfortable for me to watch, but looks cool, but headache
dexobj... Insert 200 years meme here
FidelHe... You guys give riot devs so much anxiety lol
Games F... Is this the power of friendship?
Antonio... Guys no big deal! This is them summon Devil Yone.
Just like summoning Devil teemo with the exact and intended animation. ?
Hello... Looks like a ritual
Antonio... That’s why it feels like they knew where I was every time.
francis... Este fue un video hermoso
Ryuzen... Hmm, riot games sure took the EA's "its just a feature" to the next level.
GG Ez... this is so beautiful
Ader.... vysotzky to nerd
HowToLi... Silly me, I thought this was going to be a Viego bug when he possesses Yone.