What if Robben had scored against Casillas in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final? FIFATV

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7I4a6Z07Uk

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Apurva ... CASILLAS the bestttt
Ibrahim... What could have been the history if robben never missed that chance cant wait to see higuain to score in the final and messi lift the wc
Justin... Robben would have been considered among Ronaldo and messis level
Davide ... Baggio 1994. I'm Italian.... and you know everything I want to see.
Abhi Ya... No it never would've happened bcz Spain was blessed with a 10yr old Indian Boy who was supporting Spain around 11pm but was forced to turn off the TV as Football was not the game people use to care about, However I couldn't sleep praying Davil Villa or any other to score for Spain ❤️
Gamer. ... Casillas ❤️❤️?
Adrija ... Did I am also seeing the same like u all r seeing?????
Arya He... Better not make a 2014 version, I'll cry
Ernie C... El día que el FC Barcelona fue Campeón del Mundo, brutal! ???????
Nug Akb... What if messi win wc 2018
Ananya ... then sneijder would've won the ballon d or..
junglem... Then pandemic never happened
HARIKES... Well its not necessary ..wht if Spain equalised in the last moment ? ?
???????... You are in front of Saint Iker Casillas j Robin
Vupivi ... Then maybe 2014 world cup would've been different..so would 2018 ...
Raeez N... Dutch people watching this be like: ?
agrim p... it would have been much better if higuain would have scored in the final of 2014 World Cup
Amber S... If Messi Scored That Last Minute FreeKick Against Germany
WickedM... Dont do this, don’t make me relive this