Mesut Ozil goal vs Ghana | ALL THE ANGLES | 2010 FIFA World Cup FIFATV

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nazal 1... Ozil the magic man inspired me a lot ??
Fer Yak... The best goal ??
?sa U?u... The best
harv... That jersey ?
arian m... Who's the commentator? Anyone?
Ahmet G... 〽️ Mesut Özil ??
Life Is... Namaste ?? ??‍♂️

After losing my job in the pandemic?

I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD ??.
Pacesla... Why everyone loves his assist?

Müller : I always assist him
Paul Ke... When will this break?, I had to finish the right
Imam Ha... Thank you FIFA. This video prove you that there is no room for racism in footbal.
Maria V... Alemanha 2014 ???? do mundo brasil com luis felipe escolari mesmo do ani de 2002
Vik Z... One of the finest playmakers of the modern era but sadly underappreciated by the modern era.
Md Masu... Mesut my love ?????
Ahmad S... Mesut ozil king assist
Gerardo... Great player thst did a lot of assists
Tan Che... What a goal
Shahid ... i still don't understand what was that humming noise coming from the crowd.....
Evans... Ghanaaaaaaa ??❤️????
alii... ??krall