What do we know about TDU Solar Crown after Nacon Connect 2021? - MotoGamesTV

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GtaMomin: Can’t wait for this game.I know it will be a masterpiece.
Sam Fisher: Awesome
fransisigos: Nothing. I fully expect it to be rubbish
Noob Saibot: Hong kong is a disappointing setting give me Sardinia or Corsica.
Jacob Rev: ??????
Ma?cin: Przestańcie wstawiać te fejkowe trailery.????????
lMedicineMan: Subtitles at 2:18

* chicken *
Joker the Boss: I hope whole Hong Kong is included too!!
I mean it would make more sense if they bring the Car Dealers on the Map back or maybe Fuelstations (nothing official yet) but i loved it to drive to a Car Dealer. Hopefully they don't make a Car List like in Horizon ... But we will see.
V N R: Swear I don’t hear about anything arcade racer unless it’s NFS
These new franchises just can’t hang
Midnight Club was the goat for arcade racers but RIP:(
TigerChamp 99: I'm sorry but I won't trust KT racing until I see gameplay and I still won't trust them after what happened to CP2077. We can't trust these guys until normal people post videos of this game after the game is released.

They should delay the game until late 2023/early 2024 and cancel the PS4, XB1, and Switch versions. Also, please focus on the driving experience this time. Please no more weird physics glitches and maybe implement a handling model similar to FH4/FH5.
Gabriel Borgert Leonel: Michal AKA motomoto!
Have you already finished the FM4 100% lives? If not, will you?
blackJap: I completely agree with 3:07: “Why is this game coming out on Nintendo Switch?” It really worries me a lot too
????? ?????: I hope there will be car dealerships and houses (apartments)
about houses, in the worst case we will change the apartment in the Solar Hotel, in the best case it will be possible to buy them in different places.
NitroNuggetTV: I enjoy your commentary style. I hope the car list improves, not a single car I’m interested in so far unfortunately.
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