Nightcore Wild Blood - Gyuuki Nightcore

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Daley: this is wild ; love it Gyuuki ?
Bar84: Nice ??
Lucas Barrros gimenez: Wow
Tokan Nightcore: Cool ???
Asian Mistake: Awesome, photos also always on point, keep it up! ?
ZiK: thi`s fucking cool dude
Shaman Knight: Nice
DJ MM: Awesome work nicely done ?♥️?❤️???
?Kayla Butler ?: Awesome
Accelerator : Simpatico! The best of the best! Tyvm! ????✌️
Dumke Nadine: Really super that is so wild ?:D
Drop the bassline2012: Music Top
Drop the bassline2012: The anime music is very exciting and I hope this music will win an Oscar. The song is really beautiful
Drop the bassline2012: This song brings courage in the body and makes the heart strong in any war, stronger and more difficult than I think
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