Nightcore Misery - Gyuuki Nightcore

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Adrian Dabija: First
•?•Naila Tussifa•?•: Amazing video ?✨??, keep up your amazing work and keep spirit ?.
Riza Cetiner: I Love this Picture and the Song, Thank you bro?
Aoki-Kun Nightcore: This is maximum rock! ? (`▿´) ?
Mr Rhodey: For those that may wish to know:
~ Character: Eula Lawrence
~ Weapon: Song of Broken Pines
~ Role: Knights of Favonius Recon Captain
~ Vision: Cryo
~ Game: Genshin Impact

As always: Cheers everyone! ^_^
? Maple ?: Let u be misery~
Galaxy Nightcore: Fab ?
Tokan Nightcore: Wonderful Nightcore ???
TOXIC senpai: Amazing❤?
?????? ?????? ? ???? : Cool, girl - like)
JANE-ARIES: What character frome genshin and THIS NIGHTCORE EDIT IS GREAT AND EPIC
DJ MM: Awesome work nicely done ??????
ONLAP Official: Cooooool thanks a lot ??????????????
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