Nightcore dollar signs - Gyuuki Nightcore

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Moltoformel: I'm therst from Iraq ?? ? ? ?
SWAT Rust ??: ❤️❤️❤️❤️?
mother of light jesus: Love from America ?? ❤
Emperor Alucard: ???
Bar84: I like it ??
Eric S: Senchou
Dumke Nadine: Cool Video ??
Donnie Sindelar: I want you in that outfit you are in so can I do it with you in that my love and wife
Adrian Dabija: ??
Ladislav Pila?: Awesome
Death: Money ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
Kishan Biruly: I wanna sing song with him ?????
?????? ?????: Good music, very cute and beautiful art, good work!)???
BrgG8Ds Ruyind06ra no87: Diatas ad molto cokcog????
Lohkan143: 435!
I wonder if Gyuuki see's dollar signs on his Nightcore's
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