Języki obce a praca kierowcy… Foreign languages & trucking job… Iwona Blecharczyk - Iwona Blecharczyk


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Anselmo Mellado Muñoz: Holaaaa amor de Chile
manoj dhakal: Which country you drive truck
Khalid Khalid: Hey iwona me love khalid welcome to the UK
frank klante: oj Iwonka Iwonka ale ty sie marnujesz kobiito !
Tm Bakery: I love u
Abid Hussain Ghurko: I am Pakistani duabi truck drivering I am your big fine you so pretty ? ??
HN: Iwona, English is the most used language in the World, you know why? Because it's the easiest language to learn
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Ziyoratchi tog?alar: Privet Ivona nazivaeu teby oʻzbekisumu Kumushoy chiroyli qiz krasivay devushka ???❤️???
Suryadi Surya: IWONA... LOVE YOU...
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