Behemoth Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer -

\"Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer\"es off \"The Satanist\" Music by Nergal Lyrics by Nergal and Krzysztof Azarewicz Produced by Behemoth Co produced by Wojtek and Sławek Wiesławscy and Daniel Bergstrand
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kk kkk: a melhor composição da humanidade :)
Sistema Solricio: the best motherfucker song of this album
Jesus Christ: you rnt a Christian if you like this music you are somebody who says they are a Christian
mslasic1: new favorite
MarvintheMartian: Hail Satan and Fuck all the Christian Liars
MAKTIAS: probably strange question: can anyone tell me the name (if there is) of the type of art displayed on this video and on the album? Hail Behemoth and the unholy one!
Finsternis Dunkelheit: Hail Behemoth !!!
this song is fucking powerful,strong and speak direct out ov my heart !!!
Hail Satan and is Kingdom FOREVER
Naamah _: Je comprend pas trop les paroles, m'en tout cas ça m'a l'air bien sataniste tout ça mdr
Narek Avedyan: I still remember the day this came out. Blew me away.
P Smith: Nice choon!
erik wik: The vocals reminds me of Arioch's vocals in Funeral Mist. Good stuff
???? ???????: Russian patriarchs crucified God Mother in Red Square and tortured her in psycho- concntration camps three times, leading to death. But she revived and announced the Reign of God in Humanity. Soon all evil in the world will be destroyed. God Mother will rule the world. The Lord of demons is Her son and father and husband. Joy, godchildren! The Judgement Day has come!
CryMyName100: oreolu probis ver
Chr Lep: 4 years today <3
Kohlenstoffisotop12: haha, one of the weakest Elohim i've heard
but maybe i am confusing him with someone
Kohlenstoffisotop12: whats going on with all the religios trolling in here? xD
like you know what these musicians are about^^
you know that carbonisotope12 has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons, right? ... and do you know that all life on this earth is based on carbon and that carbonisotope12 (12!) is the most abundant one?

the usage of "the number 3" is older than the bible btw
here a little something to read about that:

you should also ask a hebrew speaking rabbi (or several) about what the old hebrew texts actually say, before english speaking people had their job done

you also know that the propaganda always demonized the enemy, dehumanizing him so you have o problem killing said enemy? they are not "human" to you anymore after all

and do you even know that "history" is written in favour of the voctor, or even by the victor?

there is so much more to it than hailing christ and waiting for someone to do what we are supposed to do ...

christ himself said do not worship me, and look what organized religion has done ...

and now christians drink the blood of christ and feast upon his flesh in highly ritualized ceremonys ... that's just sick man

maybe this will spark a thought or more : >
Joseph Russel Timpug Ison: According to the old story the Lucifer character gave man the key to knowledge and ended man’s status as a pet.
Josh Malott: All hail Satan
Paul Tillbrook: It's the best there ever was. ?????? ??️⚔️?️ you alone have suffered......
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