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Setup: Thrustmaster T300 RS, Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter and Thrustmaster T LCM pedals mounted on Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0 Menu Music: Yudai Satoh The power of GT 0:00 Intro 0:04 Nissan Brand Central 0:31 Garage Showcase 1:27 GT Auto Cu

Marcel Ramos: top ????
ES Player: Icon on icon ?
Glenroy is here 2: Cool I subscribed ?
the Rocker: If this is a commercial just stop it i bought 3 trustmasters when they were new and they all broke down evrytime it was some plastic barring that handles part of the steering send it back 2 times everytime they supplied me a completely new one and it still broke maybe they changed shit now but im not ever buying that shit again my g29 has been sturdy as fuck for 4 years now
RollingThunder-2558: Doesn’t even sound like the real thing lmao! too muffled.
LD: Am I nitpicking when I say it should have been orange? Yes? Ok.
Hiro Two: My favourite GT-R ever
Road Addiction: Nice video ? ??
??????? ????????????: As good as graphics are in GT the sounds are still horrendous
Supra 23: This is my opinion but nfs payback and maybe heat had the best sound for this car but GT7 sounds great to!
Mahmood Zabihi: After the mighty DriveClub, I feel like Forza (MS or Horizon) is doing a better job at simulating the real-world noises of most cars compared to GT, and that's really a shame!
chrisduckz: Best car in the game. Tuned mine to an absolute beast.
Genc Macula: Do you have the wobble type 2 option?
MotoGamesTV: Exhaust upgrades: /watch?v=2Of3CNCfwIA
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