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Hi, Fluttershy! ★
  • 19-6-2021
  • 05:59

ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡✧・゚: did u spot two easter eggs during the video? tiny speedpaint of my oc, Applepie (when she was just a smol baby!) and Fluttershy from mlp because she's been Applepie's crush for a long time ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* it's also a redraw! 6 years difference. i still really like the original one thooo, the sentiment yaall. and yes im having a mlp phase but in the meanwhile im working real hard on a project ~ also, my first video ever was a speedpaint with these two!! its kinda like an anniversary too?..?.? ahhhhhh ✨ happy pride month, love yall....

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Teen Idle pmv reupload
  • 1-4-2021
  • 02:19

tw: gore, flashing lights it's finally back!! woAH the animation i made in 2017 and uploaded on April 1st. It got taken down last summer. The original title 'feeling super super super suic**al' was apparently too much for yt. (even though it's the LITERAL line from the song, y'know?) i hope i'm not risking my channel being taken down for reuploading this cringy piece of art. but i made the decision to do so, since this video affected many people in a positive way. If it disappears again, know it's not me, it's yotube so... watch as much as...

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send this to your honey
  • 13-2-2021
  • 21:00

lol what have i done this stupid thing took me 4 days i want to keep this channel alive but it’s hard when you’re an animator and decent things take you months to make so at least have this short, valentine’s day special vid also the pronunciation of VALENTIIINE is dead wrong.... forgive the bee...... send this to your honey, sunshine, boo.... if you have one. or watch it by yourself alone in your room instead of socializing, just like me while i was making it ahaaa. that’s cool too though`;:゛;`;・(°ε° )/...

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My wholesome Minecraft Island ✨ TOUR
  • 2-1-2021
  • 07:55

guess who's becoming a gamer! no, but for real~ let's start 2021 with a bit of wholesomness, that may cheer you up a little if you haven't been feeling well lately. Therefore, i present to you my Minecraft world!! Well, only a small part of it. So pack your bag, grab water, put on warm clothes and let's wander through my small island. As you will notice, the tour goes along with my Wholesome Minecraft animation i made a few months ago, since it was heavily inspired by island in the game. (u can find it here -...

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won&039;t bite ★ meme
  • 22-11-2020
  • 39:00

there goes a meme. after a year. cute & edgy. if you trick them, .. but they wont bite. pinky promise Ψ( `▽´ )Ψ( `▽´ )Ψ( `▽´ )Ψ also CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER! LILY OR APPLEPIE? ___ ORIGINAL BY ★ okuragi - https://youtu.be/lBmWF15_W8c ___ PROGRAMS USED ★ Sony Vegas Pro 13 ★ Paint Tool SAI ___ SONG ★ Won't Bite by Doja Cat ___ SOCIAL MEDIA ★ Deviantart - https://adishu.deviantart.com/ ★ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/szarlosia/ ★ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/szarlosia/

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Innovator 16 by XP Pen ✧【REVIEW & SPEEDPAINT】
  • 16-8-2020
  • 04:43

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* in the very beginning, i want to apologize for any spelling mistakes because apparently, i can’t speak (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿) ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* wow a second review video i’ve done! it took me a lot of work, but eventually i’m happy with results and with the product of course. hope you enjoy watching it uwu i tried to make it as short as possible so it wouldn’t be too boring ahaaa~ ' : driver installation was easy, but obviously i always have technical issues. i needed to download the newest paint tool sai version to make the stylus...

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✨ A wholesome Minecraft animation ✨
  • 5-7-2020
  • 01:05

let me tell ya, peeps it was such a spontaneous decision to make diss i started it in may, seeing all that bad stuff happening in the world.. it made that urge to create this little, positive spark. i also have been playing minecraft back then again, sooo it all kinda connected.... and i've been feeling nostalgic because that game is such a big part of my childhood, when i first played it in 2012... so animating it was a nice thing to do let me know if you played it as well! 乁( • ω •乁) (also, how do you enjoy my version of enderman XD?)...

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Plague of Love【SPEEDPAINT】
  • 6-4-2020
  • 08:20

, , ? , ’ , , , ‘ , ’ ____ PROGRAMS USED - Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Paint Tool SAI - HyperCam 2 ____ SONG -The Blackest Day by Lana Del Rey (remix by BLVCK CEILING) - Oh Klahoma by Jack Stauber ____ FINISHED DRAWING - Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/p/B-knNEIHXPM/ - Deviantart - http://fav.me/ddu1ce8

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are You thinking of me tonight?
  • 2-2-2020
  • 49:00

? , ? , ? ? , , ? ...? i swear, whenever you slow down a song and boost the bass.. its heaven ((however i still remember being into nightcore lol)) the song i picked is definitely everything BUT holy ahah, but when i heard the chorus, i had to use it somehow ive been so stressed and tired lately, yet still have so many ideas for animations. but its hard to get up and start out something and oh my, FINISH it, when you only feel like sleeping all day ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) thank You for still being...

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your dirty, little secret【SPEEDPAINT】
  • 26-10-2019
  • 07:37

...should i tell them, Richie? yoo i decided to make a little special for halloween i know its not much but i really wanted to upload something to show that i have not forgotten about u my peeps :~{ lifes been tough ik my speedpaints are chaotic af but i hope some of you enjoy it ,,, so basically, i drew a scene from IT 2, which was sickkk, do i have to mention that i loved that ____ FINISHED DRAWING - Deviantart: - Instagram: ____ PROGRAMS USED - Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Paint Tool SAI - HyperCam 2 ____ MUSIC - Secret by The Pierces -...

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two time ノmemeノ
  • 8-5-2019
  • 02:22

warning: flashing lights/gore i have to tell... this is the first time i haven’t felt tired/unmotivated while animating in a long time. and actually... i have to admit that i enjoy the results. it’s been so long since i’ve done a meme with lily & applepie (like a year oooh) well, now my babes are back and i hope they will make you a little happier :—)) i also have an idea for another short project, which i might start doing soon... i just want to finish some sketches first because i had to stop drawing due to this meme. so my ig and da...

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My basics in education & learning
  • 17-3-2019
  • 03:45

believe me or not but i had like thousand ideas for animations and why i had chosen that one.... i dont know dont hate me, pls.... i used to have an obsession with this game back in august.... maybe this is a kind of a remake of the school video but with hoomans!! wheEEZEEEE but for real, i was making it for 7 months, tf is wrong with me.... probably everything uHMMM but stay with me, friends, i wont stop making animations because its literally one of the reasons for me to still exist............ yeaahhh... i think.. enjoy this crap for 4...

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▴ Viper ▴
  • 14-1-2019
  • 28:00

Original - https://youtu.be/8srl4lz-hsA

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♫ Magic ♫ Thank you for 50 subs! ♥
  • 14-1-2019
  • 44:00

Original - https://youtu.be/tUX-FIFGJmU ------------ I decided to make an animation to celebrate my +50 subs :3 !! Well, its almost 60 xD Thanks! ~

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Waiting by the Phone
  • 14-1-2019
  • 51:00

Original - https://youtu.be/UnJ3lRWQ6Ak ;o;

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cannibal ▸ 17 & 18
  • 26-8-2018
  • 22:00

i did a thing oh for poofiies map!! - https://youtu.be/4qg2b4Cj_WU sendspace - https://www.sendspace.com/file/2d4vr6 i hope its okay ;; also, the kiddo is fine, she doesnt eat children ____ PROGRAMS USED - Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Paint Tool SAI ____ SONG - Cannibal by Kesha ____ SOCIAL MEDIA - Deviantart - https://adishu.deviantart.com/ - Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/szarlosia/ - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/szarlosia/

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HUION Inspiroy Q11K wireless graphics tablet 【REVIEW & SPEEDPAINT】
  • 18-8-2018
  • 06:27

boom hi my people, here i come with some review & speedpaint i always wanted to try out other tablet than a wacom one, so when the Huion company asked me to make a review for one of theirs, i was in a big surprise but happy as well i hope you enjoy and oh sorry for any mistakes, ma eanglish ish not perfekt lets just admit everything in this video is weird but yeah i tried i’m sorry for being dead here, believe me that i do have many ideas for animations but there’s no motivation in me also the creature in da speedpaint is my oc, Primalis,...

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  • 3-6-2018
  • 06:03

oh, girl here, have those lovely ones. lily’s nose is pinkish now bcuz i honestly prefer her with that colour so uhh... june has started, the sun is shining, warm wind is blowing, summer storms are coming and... hopefully summer depression won’t come this year, to me and to all of you. not this time. Happy Pride month also! and sorry for any glitches in this video,, FINISHED DRAWING - Deviantart: http://fav.me/dcdd8wf - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjibKaYgp0s/?taken-by=szarlosia - Facebook: ____ PROGRAMS USED - Sony Vegas Pro...

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✧ do you want your past life back? ✧
  • 19-5-2018
  • 02:08

✧ wish you could see me when im lying in bed, my eyes are blinded by your stars, my blood is blushing so red (oh my God) i can see you in my head again, i dont suppose youd shoot me dead, again ✧ those sentences (also the melody) inspired me to make this. The idea popped up in my mind last summer. you can interpret it in many ways Applepie is trying to forget the past, which keeps haunting her, her dreams are mixing with the lovely ones & the nightmares sometimes she has "hallucinations" which are caused by too much medicaments she...

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Pennywise can't decide
  • 26-11-2017
  • 01:42

wach it on computer pLEASEEEEEEEE I KNOW its unavailable sometimes, probs when you use a youtube app *cough cough* let's just pretend it wasn't supposed to be special for Halloween I watched the movie at 16th September I haven't read the book or watched the movie from 1990 before at first I was like "eh? another non-scary horor with some psycho clown?" but my sister told me that Stephen King writes such a good & scary stories, so I thought EY EY WHY NOT, LET'S GO FOR IT.......... GODDAMN im freakinnn glad that I've watched IT at first...