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7th Benefit User Meeting
  • 5-9-2017
  • 01:53

24th,25th June 2016 Course Prof. Drescher and Wilmes, Course Prof. Nanda User Meeting Production: Dental Movies www.dentalmovies.com

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Magnification implications in different dental specialities
  • 5-9-2017
  • 04:51

Very good movie about advantages of microscope. Magnification implications in different dental specialities. Material from: Dr. Ihab M. Ibrahim Advanced Microscope Dentistry Study Club www.amdsc.net

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Canines Eruption
  • 5-9-2017
  • 33:00

Canines eruption with fixed appliances. Material from: dr. Maher Hallak

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Photo Mirror Demister
  • 5-9-2017
  • 04:29

MIST-FREE PHOTO MIRRORS / THE NEW JAKOBI DEMISTER HANDLE Features and Benefits  Mist free surface of photo mirror due to the air ventilation o Air volume can be increased or decreased according to patient requirement and/or doctor preference via +/- keypad. o The air volume level will be indicated on the keypad via LED’s. o The last position of air volume level (after 30 seconds use) will be memorized for the next use.  Angulation of the Photo Demister Handle o More comfortable handling. o Better access for the digital camera. o Can be...

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Index for Mock Up
  • 5-9-2017
  • 02:14

Index for mock up. Material shows how to do index tray for dental mock up. By using impression material dental technician is creating a tray and than dentist could use it to create temporary work in patient mouth. Then tray is  prepared with scalpel and ready to use. Produced by: Dental Movies for dr Bartosz Matejkowski Ryo Miwa - CERAMIST

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Aesthetic rehabilitation. Non invasive ceramic veneers.
  • 5-9-2017
  • 01:27

Aesthetic rehabilitation. Non-invasive ceramic veneers. Nowadays, adhesive technology in dentistry allows us not only to create highly aesthetic and natural smiles, but also it gives us a possibility to be as much conservative, as we want to; in some cases, we even can perform high-end dentistry without any preparation at all. The laboratory work was performed by Ivan Savula, from Lviv, Ukraine, a FSC member. Initial situation. 20 years old girl wanted to have more harmonious smile. To achieve predictable results, we need to collect all...

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  • 5-9-2017
  • 02:35

Produkcja: Dental Movies www.dentalmovies.com

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Wax up
  • 5-9-2017
  • 06:06

Video material shows laboratory work on casts. Dental technician is creating visualization of future veneers. By using dental wax he is shaping and curving surface of the teeth. Produced by: Dental Movies for dr Bartosz Matejkowski Ryo Miwa - CERAMIST

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Wax up and mock up. Treatment Planning.
  • 5-9-2017
  • 04:39

Material from: dr. Bartosz Matejkowski www.matejkowski.pl Movie is about first stage of treatment. Patient has a teeth wear and lack of them. Stone casts were made and diagnostic Wax up. Then silicone tray was prepared during the visit at the dental chair. Mock up has been made with an acrylic material.

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PTSS 2015 Warszawa
  • 5-9-2017
  • 01:46

New production from the meeting of the Polish Association of Dental Students in Warsaw. Producer: Dental Movies 2015. www.dentalmovies.com

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Changing and bending the archwires
  • 5-9-2017
  • 05:43

Movies shows procedure of changing and bending the archwires. Brackets in SWLF. Testing new camera Sony Alpha 7S II Produced by: Dental Movies, www.dentalmovies.com Doctor: Maciej Cićkiewicz, DDS, PhD. www.cickiewicz.com Camera: Sony Alpha 7SII Cameraman: Paweł "Bocian" Wojdal see more at DentalMovies.com