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Kanał: Mario Tokyo

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Shibuya na kwarantannie
  • 5-4-2020
  • 05:52

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Tokyo Game Show 2019 business day highlights
  • 6-2-2020
  • 15:50

A short trip around Tokyo Game Show 2019 on second business day BONUS: Name all of the games how they appear in the video for Japanese box of sweets

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Legong and Barong Waksirsa Dance in Bali Island in Indonesia Full show
  • 2-2-2020
  • 50:35

Legong and Barong Waksirsa Dance in Bali Island is a great opportunity to experience the traditional Indonesian Dance and music

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Bali Island vlog 3/3 Best view in Bali
  • 2-2-2020
  • 05:01

Few places which you need to see in Bali

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Bali Island vlog 2/3 Biggest attractions to see
  • 2-2-2020
  • 10:16

With our guide and driver Wiraarta we visited the most popular attractions in Bali Island. Contact him for local travel guide here: +62 878 6183 0951

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Bali Island vlog 1/3 How to not get scammed
  • 2-2-2020
  • 11:31

We went to Bali for a few days for the first time. There is a few things which you should know before going to Bali

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28 final of The GreatOrchestra Of Christmas Charity WOŚP in Tokyo
  • 27-1-2020
  • 12:11

28 final of "The GreatOrchestra Of Christmas Charity" (WOŚP) in Tokyo. A short video from the start of the event

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HOW MUCH you need to spend for a HIGH END PC in Tokyo Akihabara Electric Town Jan 2020 prices
  • 27-1-2020
  • 02:32

HOW MUCH you need to spend for a HIGH END PC in Tokyo Akihabara Electric Town Jan 2020 prices

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Streets of Japan 1: Isehara station Odawara castle 2/2 4K
  • 27-1-2020
  • 17:32

Japanese streets from Isehara station to Odawara castle 1/2 with chill music

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Cyberpunk 2077 V samurai jacket for Charity GOCC WOŚP in Tokyo
  • 22-1-2020
  • 01:28

Congrats for the buyer of my Cosplay contest samurai jacket. As I said the money goes directly to the GOCC organization. Please support them in your country: https://en.wosp.org.pl/final On the 28th finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we will gather money for finance the purchase of medical equipment for pediatric surgery and subsequent treatment. We will focus our efforts on general surgery, cardiac surgery, and neurosurgery.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Charity V Samurai Jacket 2nd place Cosplay Contest in TGS19 on ebay for GOCC WOSP
  • 25-12-2019
  • 03:32

Link to auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/283721979685 I decided to give my Samurai Jacket for charity. It took me around 3 weeks to create this jacket with big help from Karolina Roga, and now you can buy it on eBay. All of the money gathered from this auction will go directly to The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Below you can find more about the organization and help even if you dont win the auction. On the 28th finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we will gather money for finance the purchase of medical equipment...

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NetRunner Cyberpunk 2077 fan made video
  • 26-10-2019
  • 03:38

"At three, your parents bought you an old Apple IV GS with a Radius 241 wall screen, and your life was changed. By fifth grade, youd already mastered everything the school computer literacy lab could throw at you — you were already using C++ and META-LINGUA to crack into the districts mainframe and change your grades. When you were thirteen, you shifted enough funds out of unprotected TransAmerican Bank accounts to finance your first neural interface plugs. Now, nothing can stop you... well thats what you think" Tokyo, the city which never...

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Streets of Japan 1: Isehara station Odawara castle 1/2 4K
  • 23-6-2019
  • 25:04

Japanese streets from Isehara station to Odawara castle 1/2 with chill music ♪♫ [Track List] ♫♪ ► (1) 0:01 Better Days - LAKEY INSPIRED ► (2) 3:10 Monroe - LAKEY INSPIRED ► (3) 7:31 Watching The Clouds - LAKEY INSPIRED ► (4) 11:10 Wonder - LAKEY INSPIRED ► (5) 14:47 Distant - LAKEY INSPIRED ► (6) 18:24 Fast Lane - LAKEY INSPIRED ► (7) 21:08 A Walk On The Moon - LAKEY INSPIRED ► (8) 23:42 5 Min Call - LAKEY INSPIRED

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Friends Time exclusive dinner in Tokyo Shinjuku by Sylwester Kochanowski
  • 11-4-2019
  • 03:01

One of a kind exclusive dinner in the heart of Tokyo. Made by a chef who takes cooking to a different level of awesomeness. If you want to have dinner with friends theres no better option than to contact him. Links below: FB: https://www.facebook.com/dinnerbyfriendstime Insta: https://www.instagram.com/chef.sylwester mail: chef.sylwesterkochanowski@gmail.com Check our sites too: FB: https://www.facebook.com/japoltv Insta: https://www.instagram.com/japoltv #friendstime #tokyodinner #privatechef

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Japanese arcade mecha game Starwing Paradox tutorial gameplay
  • 21-3-2019
  • 22:58

We decided to check one of the newest mecha arcade game in one of the Shinjuku game centers. Kana was a bit skeptical at the beginning but quickly get into the action. Unfortunately, you cannot play anything else except tutorial mission without a special card which includes your account data. Well, we are not that keen to play this game online but its still fun. #starwingparadox #japanarcade #mechagame

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Największy Starbucks na świecie Naka Meguro Tokio Japonia vlog
  • 1-3-2019
  • 08:29

Więcej o Japonii: https://bit.ly/2lMiuUl 28 lutego 2019 miało miejsce otwarcie największego na świecie Starbucksa w Naka Meguro w Tokio. Co można w nim dostać i jak wygląda dowiesz się z tego filmiku! #japonia #tokio #japol

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Valentines day in Japan Enoshima Island Illumination
  • 16-2-2019
  • 12:03

On Valentines day, we decided to go to Enoshima Island. Last time we didnt have time to check it fully but on Valentines day, there werent that many people. We were lucky to see illumination on the top of Enoshima Island. #江の島 #valentinesdayinjapan #japoltv

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Japanese Military Passion
  • 30-1-2019
  • 12:38

群馬県藤岡市のとある会社のガレージから生み出される数々のアメリカ軍用車両...これらはK. T. ARTS代表の塚田恭平氏のミリタリーへの情熱から生み出されたものである。本ビデオでは、塚田氏の軍用車両の再建、また彼をインスパイアするものに迫る。 フェイスブック版はこちら https://www.facebook.com/japoltv 所在地:〒375-0005 群馬県藤岡市中150-1  もしこの動画を気にってもらえたら,シェアをお願いします! Music: * Title: Drums of Battle * Composer: Alexander Hoff * Youtube Channel: https://goo.gl/9AGRKd AMRPHIS - Sixth Mass Extinction https://soundcloud.com/anttu-janhunen/sixth-mass-extinction-royalty-free

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WOŚP 2019 w Tokio Dmuchawce, latawce, wiatr Yoshika Iwasaki
  • 14-1-2019
  • 03:29

Na WOŚPie w Tokio takie to polskie piosenki się śpiewa

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Showreel 2019 Mariusz Koziel
  • 1-1-2019
  • 02:44

I have spent last year of filming lots of different projects! Here is a little mix of some of my film making and editing work. 去年、いろんなものを撮影しました!このビデオはその中から少しずつつなげたものです。 email: mariusz.a.koziel@gmail.com YT: www.youtube.com/japoltv