Contenders Motivational Video

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Dim3nsion YINJ: This video should be remade and edited to the Joshua VS Klitscho Boxing fight. would be epic :D
Verna Luz Domínguez: Gracias por inspirarme con este video! ???
Hernan Asselborn: Thanks for this great video its in my top video Im use to morning motivation rutine every day put this video while breakfast... Thanks
suza elme: >> ???????? ???? ????????sss, ?????? ???? ????????????????! (??? ?? ??????????nnnn) ????????! >> /u/0/109516308372980034983/posts/8buW6X389KM?laca34esdf4 >>
Pearl Hernandez: ??? ??? ?? ?????????nn? ??? ??? ?? ?????rr? ?? >> 9414
Adel Kechouane: We miss you mateusz
Bartosz Gizot: I listen to it everyday during my workout. gives me so much energy. great job as always Mateusz
Daniel W.: please come back
SuperFerdie: I have been looking at your profile once every month since you posted this video just in the hope there is a new one. I think your motivational video's have the best. Quality above quantity! Keep doing this great job
Piu John: I just hope you stopped uploading and continue your lazy journey
Aditya Choksi: You don't know what your videos mean to me. Thanks for the light. Thanks for the hope.
agam shah: @Mateuz M your videos have also inspired me to take up blogging.

People, please visit my blog
Arjun Pushkarna: Make these available for offline!! Thanks!
Facundo Glinka: Epic goosebumps
Lavesh Puraswani: I live to hunt
martin coronado: Just watched your video "Dream" today at school and I loved it. Now I'm watching all your videos and I'm loving them?! Keep up the great work man!
CODA: Where are YOU MATEUSZ M!!!?
Luca Albertinazzi: We WANT MOREEE VIDEEEEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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