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Roaring Twenties: University Six The California Ramblers Yes She Do, No She Dont 1927
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  • 02:51

Yes She Do – No She Don’t, Fox-Trot (De Rose – Trent) - University Six (The California Ramblers: Chelsea Quealey tp, Tommy Dorsey tb, Bobby Davis cl, sop, as Adrian Rollini bas sax, goofus, Irving Brodsky p, arr. Tommy Felline bj, Herb Weil d, kazoo, Vocal chorus Hal White) Harmony 1927 (USA) NOTE: University Six was a pseudonym for The California Ramblers. They were a white dance band organized in 1921 to play the popular music in the New York area. The name derived from the fact, most of the members of the band came from Ohio and the...

Dance Orchestra Odeon 1939 Motylek A Butterfly
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  • 03:14

Motylek – Walc (W.Suchocki-J.Nel) Orkiestra Odeon (pod dyr. Wacława Suchockiego) z Refrenem (wykonawcy nie zidentyfikowano), Odeon 1939 (Polish) NOTE: Due to the unusually hot weather that has recently prevailed in Poland, I prepared this clip for you for some refreshment. It shows the prewar May trips out of the city, among others to the popular picnic site of Bielany, where today is the residential district of Warsaw. This recording presents the orchestra of Wacław Suchocki, who was a popular accordionist before the war and a composer of...

Polish Tango 1932: Adieu, kochanko ma Adieu, My Lover! Tadeusz Faliszewski & Henryk Wars Orch.
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  • 03:26

Tadeusz Faliszewski & Ork. Henryka Warsa – Adieu, kochanko ma! [Adieu My Lover /The Game’s Over] Tango z teatru “Morskie Oko” (from Morskie Oko revue theatre) Syrena-Electro 1932 (Polish) -------------------------------------------- NOTE OF PROTEST: I have to protest with all my strength against the scandalous censorship manipulations of the You Tube leadership during last days and weeks. My channel has about 3,000 music-historical clips made by me and presented on You Tube in the last 10 years. These videos have been and are watched by...

Roarin 20s: Zack Whyte & His Chocolate Beau Brummels Its Tight Like That, 1929
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  • 03:05

Zack Whyte and His Chocolate Beau Brummels (aka Smoke Jackson & His Red Onions) – It’s Tight Like That, Fox-Trot with Vocal Refrain, Champion 1929 (USA) NOTE: Zack (Zach) WHYTE ( b. 1898 in Richmond, Kentucky – d. 1967 in Lexington, Kentucky) Afro-American jazz bandleader, best known for leading the territory band the Chocolate Beau Brummels. In 1920 Zack moved to Cincinnati, OH and studied at Wilberforce University, where he played banjo and piano with Horace Henderson and arranged pieces for him. He led his own Cincinnati-based bands...

Missouri Jazz Band Im Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston, 1926
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  • 03:14

Missouri Jazz Band – I’m Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston, Fox-Trot (Turk, Handman) Domino 1926 (USA) NOTE: Missouri Jazz Band was the label name of a prolific East Coast dance orchestra led during the Roaring 20s by Adrian Schubert. The band used many various label names such as Adrian Schuberts Dance Orchestra, Joe Dubins Dance Orchestra, Roy Carlsons Dance Orchestra, Al Lynch & His Orchestra, the Dixie Jazz Band, the Imperial Dance Orchestra or the Majestic Dance Orchestra, to mention only a few. A talented group of players were at...

The Continental Jolly Coburn et son Orchestre, 1934
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  • 02:46

Jolly Coburn et son Orchestre – The Continental, Foxtrot du film The Gay Diviorcee (Magidson-Conrad) avec Refrain vocal, Disque Gramophone 1934 (Recorded in USA: pressed in France) NOTE OF PROTEST: Im sorry, but I have to protest with all my strength against the scandalous censorship manipulations of the You Tube leadership during last days and weeks. My channel has about 3,000 music-historical clips made by me and presented on You Tube in the last 10 years. These videos have been and are watched by 72 million visitors to my channel...

Roaring Twenties: Emil Coleman & His Montmartre Orch. Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil 1922
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  • 02:59

Emil Coleman and His Montmartre Orchestra – Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil, Fox-Trot from the Music Box Revue of 1922/23 (I. Berlin) Vocalion 1922 (USA) NOTE: That fascinating and somewhat "noir" tune was first presented in a Broadway revue “The Music Box of 1922/23” and rather quickly forgotten thereafter. It was brought back to public by Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald who recorded it in a new hot version in 1938. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j-ERy5xGgA Emil COLEMAN was born in 1892 in Odessa, Russian Empire. After the...

Tango 1930: Henryk Gold Orch. Róże i kobiety Roses And Women
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  • 03:07

Róże i kobiety [Roses And Women] Tango (F. Grothe) – Orkiestra Henryka Golda (Henryk Gold’s Orchestra), Syrena-Electro 1930 (Polish) NOTE: There’s no doubt, Henryk Gold was the most distinguished and most popular dance band leader in Warsaw of the 1930s. As member of the multi-generation Melodyst klezmer – and symphony musicians family in Warsaw, he received solid education in violin and early in his life he established in 1920s his own dance band, which soon became popular and started performing in the trendiest nightclubs of Warsaw....

Swing Giants: Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald When I Get Low, I Get High 1936
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  • 02:37

“Chick” Webb and His Orchestra – When I Get Low, I Get High, Fox Trot (Sunshine) with Vocal Chorus by Ella Fitzgerald, Decca 1936 (recorded in USA, British release) NOTE: “Chick” (William Henry) WEBB (b. in Baltimore, Maryland 1905 – d. 1939 in Baltimore). swing music drummer and a band leader, one of the big names in history of American jazz. From childhood, he suffered from TBC of the spine, leaving him with short stature and a badly deformed spine; which caused him to appear hunchbacked. The idea of playing an instrument was suggested...

Roaring Twenties: Ben Selvins Orch. Yes She Do, No She Dont 1927
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  • 03:02

Ben Selvin & His Orchestra – Yes She Do – No She Don’t, Fox-Trot (J.Trent – P. De Rose) with Vocal Chorus, Brunswick 1927 (recorded in USA; British release) NOTE: One of the most popular Jazz Age bands in USA plays one of the most popular American hits of the year 1927. It was a very prolific year for Tin Pan Alley hit factory: in 1927 such dance floor sensations were released as “Ain’t She Sweet?, ”Charmaine”, “The Peanut Vendor”, “Blue Skies”, “Stardust”, “I Ain’t Got Nobody”, “My Blue Heaven”, “Someone To Watch Over Me”, “I’m Looking...

Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians Without That Gal, 1931
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  • 03:22

Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians – Without That Gal! Fox-Trot (W.Donaldson) Vocal refrain by Carmen Lombardo, Columbia 1931 (USA) NOTE: Guy LOMBARDO (b. Albert Lombardo Guy in 1902 in London, Ontario, Canada – d. 1977 in Houston, Texas) - Canadian violinist and leader of entertainment orchestra. He formed the first professional ensemble under the name of Lombardo Brothers and Their Orchestra in 1921. The ensemble included Guy’s his three brothers: Carmen (vocalist), Lebert (trumpet, cornet, drums) and Victor (saxophone). They performed...

Polish foxtrot 1933: Duet Corda & Ork. J. Ledermana Dobry wieczór, Good Evening
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  • 03:37

Duet Corda & Orkiestra J. Ledermana - Dobry wieczór, Good Evening, Foxtrot (W.Landau - A. Włast), Cristal-Electro 1933 (Polish) NOTE: A male duet Corda consisted of two members of popular prewar revelers Chór Juranda: one was Ryszard Marrot, baritone & second was Zygmunt Piotrowski, tenor. They sung together using the label name Duet Corda exclusively for Cristal-Electro. Jerzy Ledermans orchestra was the in-house Cristal-Electro dance band. This really nice & melodic foxtrot never became a big hit in Poland, it seemingly was one of those...

Tango Orchester Dobbri Der letzte Tango des Rudolf Valentino, 1928
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  • 03:09

Tango-Orchester Dobbri - Der letzte Tango des Rudolf Valentino, Tango (Jan Volkov) Beka 1928 (Germany) NOTE: The fabulous Dobbri Saxophon-Orchestra was a 1st-class dance band created in the 1920s in Berlin by the renowned Viennese bandleader Otto Dobrindt to become exclusively the in-house dance orchestra for the powerful Carl Lindstroem record corporation (which included Odeon, Parlophon, Gloria and Beka Records). The orchestra recorded the most up-to date German, American and European dance hits and their recordings are characterized by...

Roaring 20s: Warsaw: Brawo! Bis! Foxtrot from theatre Perskie Oko, 1926
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  • 02:52

Orkiestra J. Czarneckiego [J.Czarnecki Orchestra] - Brawo! Bis! - fokstrot (Petersburski & Gold), Pathé 1926 (Poland) Vertically-cut recording NOTE: Pathé Records were founded in Paris by brothers Charles & Émile Pathé, who were owners of a busy bistro. About 1890 they saw an Edison phonograph demonstrated at a World Fair and arranged to lease one as an attraction at their bar. The phonograph brought in many curious people, they formed lines to listen to it and many asked about purchasing one for themselves. So, the brothers started selling...

Paris 1920s: Frédo Gardoni Jazz Accordéon Mes Boulevards, c.1929
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  • 02:38

Frédo Gardoni avec Puig, Viard & Baiz, Accordion, banjo, jazo (??? what the “jazo” is?) – Mes Boulevards, Fox-Trot avec Refrain chanté par Le Roy, Pathé c. 1929 (French) Vertically-cut recording NOTE: The vertically-cut Pathé discs required a special Pathé phonograph equipped with a sapphire ball stylus. The advantage of the sapphire ball stylus was its permanence. There was no need to change a needle after every record side. However, the internationally acclaimed laterally-cut phonograph recording made Pathé to introduce in 1920 a line of...

Roaring 1920s: Jan Garber & His Orch. Mamie, 1924
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  • 02:55

Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Mamie, Fox-Trot (Harry B. Smith – Jack Shilkret) with Vocal refrain, Victor 1924 (USA) NOTE: Jan GARBER (born 1894 Indianapolis, Louisiana – died 1977 in Shreveport, Louisiana) - American violinist and dance bandleader, Jan Garber started his own dance band (a quartet) in 1918 and played violin in it. He formed the Garber-Davis Orchestra in Atlanta with pianist Milton Davis from 1921-24 and after parting with Davis he formed his own band playing mostly the “hot” dance music and recording for Victor. In 1927 he...

Roaring 20s: Abe Lymans California Orch. Sweet Little You, 1924
  • 20-5-2019
  • 03:11

Abe Lymans California Orchestra, Vocal Chorus by Charles Kaley - Sweet Little You, Fox-Trot (I.Bibo), Brunswick 1924 (USA) NOTE: Abe Lymans was one od the best dance orchestras in the Eastern Coast, best remembered for its performances in the posh Ambassador Hotel Cocoanut Grove in LA during the mid-late 1920s. Heres one of its recordings from that period.

Chór Dana 1932 Maleńka Jenny My Little Jenny
  • 17-5-2019
  • 03:30

Chór Dana (The Dan’s Ensamble) - Maleńka Jenny (My Little Jenny) Slow-fox from the movie “Głos pustyni” (The Voice of Desert), Muz. Henryk Wars, Text: Roland, Syrena-Electro 1932 (Polish) NOTE: The enormous popularity of the "sheik" movies with Rudolph Valentino in the 1920s meant that every cinematography wanted to have their "sheikh" too. In Poland, this role was given to the movie and cabaret star - Eugeniusz Bodo. For film adaptation, a popular Polish adventure novel The Desert Falcon written by Ferdynand Ossendowski was used. A pleiad...

Roaring Twenties: Isham Jones Orchestra My Best Girl, 1924
  • 14-5-2019
  • 03:16

Isham Jones Orchestra - My Best Girl, Fox Trot (W.Donaldson) Brunswick1924 (USA) NOTE: Chicago based Isham Jones orchestra - one of the best American dance bands of the 1920s through the mid-1930s plays the little known tune by the great Walter Donaldson .

Old German Tango: Dajos Béla Tanz Orchester Die ersten Blumen im Mai, 1931
  • 13-5-2019
  • 03:11

Dajos Béla Dance Orchestra - Die ersten Blumen im Mai (The First Flowers In May) Tango (Fr. Grothe), Parlophone 1931 (Recorded in Germany; UK product) NOTE: This is a nice May tango played by one of the best dance orchestras in the Weimar Republic. Enjoy it!