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Polish Tango 1948: Zakochany Enamored Zbigniew Rawicz & Ork. P. Szymanowskiego
  • 1 dni temu
  • 03:20

Zbigniew Rawicz & Piotr Szymanowski’s Orchestra – Zakochany [Enamored] Tango (Frachowicz – Szczerbiński), Muza 1948 (Polish) NOTE: At the end of 1938 and in 1939, a few months before the outbreak of World War 2, several Syrena Electro records were released with the luyrical hits performed by a young promising singer Zbigniew Rawicz, who came from Lwów. His warm, melodic renditions brought him to the attention of the public, and he was dubbed the "Polish Tino Rossi". Unfortunately, the outbreak of war ceased the career of someone who had...

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1945: Ella Fitzgerald and Ink Spots That&039;s The Way It Is
  • 4 dni temu
  • 03:19

Ella Fitzgerald and Ink Spots – That’s The Way It Is (Whitney – Kramer) Decca 1945 (USA) NOTE: In 1945, the famous Afro-American vocal group the Ink Spots joined equally famous singer Ella Fizgerald at the Decca recording studio, to cut together several unforgettable sides, such as “I’m Making Believe” or “That’s The Way It Is”. The Inks Spot’s leading vocalist was in that time Bill Kenny, singer from Baltimore. The recordings with Ella reached #1 on the US Pop Charts.

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Dorsey Brothers Orch. plays Cole Porter Anything Goes,1934
  • 5 dni temu
  • 02:34

Dorsey Brothers Orchestra – Anything Goes, Fox-Trot from “Anything Goes” (Cole Porter) with Vocal Trio, Decca 1934 (USA) NOTE: “Anything Goes" is a song written by Cole Porter for his musical Anything Goes (1934). In the US and UK, it was recorded by each second dance orchestra of the time. A recording by Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra (vocal by Ramona Davies) was very popular in 1934. Since the story takes place on the board of the cruise liner in the 1930s, the slideshow presents some appropriate illustriations to the theme.

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Roaring 20s: Oriole Terrace Orchestra Rose of The Rio Grande, 1922
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 03:29

Oriole Terrace Orchestra – Rose of Rio Grande, Fox-Trot (Warren – Gorman) Brunswick 1922 (USA) NOTE: Oriole Terrace Orchestra was a dance band led jointly by the Chicagoan violinist Dan Russo and jazz pianist & composer Ted Fiorito (who moved to Chicago from New York, where he performed with the Yerkes bands and The Happy Six). Their dance orchestra consisted of three saxophonists, two trumpets, a trombone, a piano (Ter Fiorito), a tuba, a banjo, drums, and Russo on the violin. At first it operated in Detroit and was named after the Oriole...

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Marek Weber Tanz Orch. Pasodoble "Rio Rita", 1931
  • 1 tyg temu
  • 02:57

Rio Rita, pasodoble – Orkiestr M. Webera (Marek Weber Orchester) Noginskij Zavod (Soviet product; originally recorded by Electrola in Berlin, 1931) NOTE: This really hot pasodoble performed by awesome M. Weber’s orchestra must have been very popular in Soviet Russia, for its numerous Soviet releases still circulate in the auction forums in the web. Here’s one of them, pressed by the Noginskij Zavod –the plant founded in 1935 in Noginsk near Moscow as the most powerful in the USSR. But with the start of the German-Soviet War in 1941 it was...

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Adam Aston & Henryk Wars Orch. Maleńka Jenny 1932
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:19

Adam Aston & Orkiestra Henryka Warsa - Maleńka Jenny [My Little Jenny] Tango z f-mu „Głos pustyni” [from film The Voice of Desert] (H. Wars – J. Roland) Syrena-Electro 1932 (Polish) NOTE: This lovely song was sung in the adventure movie “Głos pustyni” (The Voice of Desert) by the young Warsaw actor Witold Conti. Filmed in the sands of Algeria by the Polish filmmakers, the film almost entirely lacking higher artistic values proved to be a mediocre box office success. However, the lovely songs composed by Henryk Wars, remained.

wides.pl St2o7_KDuRI
London 1920s: The Savoy Orpheans I Love You, 1924
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:23

The Savoy Orpheans at the Savoy Hotel, London – I Love You, Fox-Trot (F. Chappelle) Columbia 1924 (UK) NOTE: The Savoy Orpheans were one of the best dance bands in Europe during the Roaring Tweties. Based at the Savoy Hotel in London, the orchestra was led initially by the American saxophonist Bert Ralton, who arrived in London in 1921 and directed the Savoy Orpheans until he formed another Savoy Hotel dance band named the Savoy Havana Band and the leadership of the Savoy Orpheans was taken over by the band’s arranger Debroy Somers. In...

wides.pl WIIBaszwvyA
Warsaw 1938: Hot urban polka "Lusia" Orch. Syrena Rekord, 1938:
  • 2 tyg temu
  • 03:09

Lusia [Lucy] Polka (Rowiński) – Orkiestra Syrena-Rekord pod dyr. T. Kozłowskiego (Orch. Syrena-Rekord dir. by T. Kozłowski) Syrena-Electro 1938 (Polish) NOTE: This really hot urban polka is played by Syrena-Rekord dance band directed by the experienced folk-music composer Tadeusz Kozłowski (b. 1910 in Grójec near Warsaw – d. 1998 in Warsaw). During the 1930s he became known as composer of many popular Polish folklore-based dance tunes: polkas, mazurkas, obereks and others. In the 1930s he started prolific recording for Syrena-Electro as...

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1939: Stefan Witas & Ork. Henryka Warsa Piosnkę znam tylko jedną
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 03:32

Stefan Witas & Ork. pod dyr. Henryka Warsa (Henryk Wars’ Orchestra) - Piosnkę mam tylko jedną [One Song / I Have But One Song] Slow-fox z f-mu „Królewna Śnieżka” (from the “Snow White”) (Churchill – Hemar) Syrena-Electro, 03/04 1939 (Polish) NOTE: This side belongs to one of the last recording sessions, Stefan Witas (one of the most popular Polish crooners in the 1930s) had at Syrena Records. The record appeared in the music stores in April 1939 when no more than 5 months was left until outbreak on the 2nd WW (1st September 1939). The song...

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1920: Paul Whiteman Orchestra Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:58

Paul Whiteman & His Ambassador Orchestra – Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere Fox-Trot (Max Kortlander) Victor 1920 (USA) NOTE: This incomparable American dance orchestra plays one of its earlier hits from the acoustical era. There’s no need to report who Paul Whiteman was because everyone knows it. One can only savor this yet another of his exquisite renditions.

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Roaring Twenties: Society Night Club Orchestra Sweet Elaine, 1928
  • 3 tyg temu
  • 02:57

Society Night Club Orchestra – Sweet Elaine, Fox-Trot (R.H. Gerard- H. Armstrong) with Vocal Refrain, Romeo 1928 (USA) NOTE: I haven't found out anything about either this song or this mysterious orchestra who plays it. Society Night Club orchestra must be a label name of some American dance band in the 1920s. e.g. Harry Reser, Lou Gold or Sam Lanin. It remains for us to enjoy this ear-pleasing rendition purely in style of the hot dance music from the end of the Roaring Twenties.

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1930 Tango in Poland: Madame, pardon! Ork. Henryka Golda
  • 4 tyg temu
  • 03:36

Orchestra dir. by Henryk Gold - Madame, Pardon (Fräulein, pardon! Ich glaub` wir kennen uns schon) [Excuse me, Miss, I believe we have met before] Tango (W. Meisel), Syrena-Electro 1928 (Polish) NOTE: This German tango “Fräulein, pardon (Ich glaub` wir kennen uns schon)” was composed in 1928 and was popularized in following years throughout Europe under the title “Madame (or: Mademoiselle) Pardon”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBzCQZ6v8S4&list=RDmzDWoepbSWM&index=8 In Poland it was presented in 1930 by popular comedy performer Ludwik...

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1926 Missouri Jazz Band I&039;ve Got Those Charleston Blues
  • 4 tyg temu
  • 02:53

Missouri Jazz Band (Adrian Schubert Band) – I’ve Got Those Charleston Blues, Fox-Trot (Farrar), Banner 1926 (USA) NOTE: Missouri Jazz Band was the label name of a prolific East Coast dance orchestra led during the Roaring 20s by Adrian Schubert yet, according to other sources Missouri Jazz Band could also be used as label nick by other dance bands, including Lou Gold. Adrian Schubert’s orchestra used many various label names such as Adrian Schubert's Dance Orchestra, Joe Dubin's Dance Orchestra, Roy Carlson's Dance Orchestra, Al Lynch &...

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London 1931: Debroy Somers&039; Band Just a Blue Eyed Blonde, 1931
  • 11-4-2021
  • 02:37

Debroy Somers’ Band - Just a Blue-Eyed Blonde, Fox-Trot (Kahn – Fiorito) with Vocal Chorus by Dan Donovan, Columbia 1931 (UK) NOTE: Debroy SOMERS (born 1890 in Dublin – died 1952 in London) A dance bandleader and major personality of the British Jazz Age and Big Band Era in London. He studied piano at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in 1904. In 1911, enlisted in the Royal Irish Rifles and studied oboe at the Royal Military School of Music. Somers served during World War I, after which he left the military. In the early 1920s Somers was...

wides.pl j2fqwdZ_aIU
Adam Aston Czy znasz Kogutka, 1937
  • 8-4-2021
  • 02:58

Adam Aston (aka J. Kierski) & Ork. Syrena Rekord – Czy znasz Kogutka? [Do You Know A Cockerel?] Tango (muzyka i słowa J. Mielczarek-Czarski) Syrena-Electro 1937 (Polish) NOTE: This is a commercial recording sponsored by the “Kogutek” painkiller producer Adolf Gąsecki & Sons in Warsaw. In prewar Poland, the Kogutek [which translates as The Cockerel – due to the cock’s picture on the boxes] was the most popular acetylsalicylic-acid based pain killing product, sold in tablets, syrup or skin-applied lotions. In 1895 Adolf Gąsecki...

wides.pl VKRqzI4NXm4
Gracie Fields Rose Marie, 1937
  • 7-4-2021
  • 03:02

Gracie Fields – Rose Marie, z operetki “Rose Marie” (R. Friml) z ork. i chórem (with Choir and Orch.) Syrena-Electro 1937 (Polish product; originally recorded in UK or USA) NOTE: Gracie FIELDS (b. Grace Stansfield; 1898 – d. 1979) British actress, singer and star of cinema and music hall, one of the top 10 film stars in UK during the 1930s and the highest paid film star in the world in 1937. She was born to the family of the chip and fish store in Rochdale, Lancashire. As a child she made stage appearances in the children's repertory...

wides.pl m9PR6fQhla0
Roaring 20s: Sleepy Time Gal Henry Lindeman & His Crystal Palace Orch., 1925
  • 6-4-2021
  • 03:26

Henry Lindeman & His Crystal Palace Orchestra – Sleepy Time Gal, Fox-Trot (Aiden, Egan – Lorenzo, Whiting) Gennett, 1925 (USA) NOTE: Here is another excellent dance recording by Gennett, where unfortunately we cannot identify the orchestra. It is probably a label pseudonym. Maybe the Sam Lanin’s band, at the time recording for Genntett Records?

wides.pl BhfZRCNf-ew
1912: Alma Gluck & Louise Homer Hymn of Praise
  • 3-4-2021
  • 04:10

Alma Gluck & Louise Homer - Hymn of Praise. I Waited For the Lord (Mendelssohn) acc. by the Victor Orchestra, Victrola Records 1912 (USA) NOTE: To all the Visitors and Friends of my You Tube Channel - I wish you all strength of spirit and sobriety of mind in these times of great trial for our humanity and our faith ... Happy Easter...!

wides.pl nYOyXqRocMs
Polish Tango 1930: Tadeusz Faliszewski Pierwsza miłość My First Love
  • 30-3-2021
  • 03:08

Tadeusz Faliszewski z Orkiestrą – Pierwsza miłość [My First Love] Tango (J. Kagan – Ortym) Syrena-Electro 1930 (Polish) NOTE: Tadeusz Faliszewski – one of the most popular Polish crooners before WW2 – sings a forgotten tango composed by Jakub Kagan (born 1896 in Nowogródek, died 1942 in Warsaw) – composer of one of the most popular prewar tangos “Złota pantera” (The Golden Panther; see the version performed by the Gold & Patersburski Dance Orchestra in 1929 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXWO9-tbfAk ) Jakub Kagan was also a dance...

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George Metaxa The Moon Is Low, 1930
  • 27-3-2021
  • 02:57

George METAXA & Orchestra – The Moon Is Low, from the MGM movie “Montana Moon” (Freed – Brown), HMV 1930 (UK) NOTE: Georges METAXA (George Radu Metaxa, b. 1894 in Bucharest, Romania – d. 1950 in Monroe, Louisiana, USA) British / American actor and crooner of the Romanian origin, who was popular in UK during the 1920s and – not so much – in USA in the 1930 /40s. Georges Metaxa worked as a civil servant in Bucharest and for some time he was the private secretary to the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture. In 1926 he traveled to London, where he...